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Harle is a minor protagonist in Dragalia Lost. Initially introduced as a major antagonist, the "Faith Forsaken" raid event reveals the villain calling himself Harle to actually be an impostor named Loki with the real Harle being a major supporting character for the event.

He is voiced by Kenichirō Ōhashi/KENN in Japanese and Adam Trask in who also latter voiced Audric in the English version.


Harle can be described as a man with short brown hair while supporting a smug expression on his face. He wears a dark blue and purple jacket with a fur collar and also wielding a purple sword. He also mostly supports a bowed down gesture. While his impostor does this in an attempt to conceal his sadistic personality with his politeness, it just seems to be a natural thing for Harle himself.


A cunning knight willing to use even the most underhanded of methods. He was the chief of the Capital Guard until someone deposited him in another world—and his thoughts have been filled with revenge ever since his return.



While training to be a knight for Alberia, Harle was close friend with Leif and Cecile. As they grew up, they all succeeded in becoming Alberian knights. Unforunately for Harle, he was made chief of Capital Guard in contrast to Leif and Cecile who achieved higher positions as Royal Guards. Disappointed, Harle prepared a plan to improve the balance of power just as Phares arrives to tell him that he deserves a higher position and asks Harle to serve as his personal guard. Seeing the offer as a good opportunity, Harle accepts while acknowledging how unaware he is of Phares' intentions. Upon arriving at Phares' lab, the two had a brief conversation where Harle tells Phares about an old mentor of his. However, when Phares warns Harle about lying, Harle is confused before Phares mentions a nobleman being banished for criminal activity and how Harle could have achieved knighthood by reporting his master, which Harle rebuke he wouldn't do. Eventually, Harle realizes through the conversation that Phares has him figured out to a degree, but assures him that he is loyal to Alberia. Upon which, Phares asks Harle to keep guard outside.

While doing so, Harle ponders how Phares managed to figure so much out about him while still choosing to have him be his personal guard. Curious, Harle decides to investigate what Phares is doing and finds research on the Progenitor along with a journal. On reading one day, it says how Phares is dying, yet the next page says he is perfectly fine, causing Harle to become suspicious until he puts the pieces together and realizes what happened. As he does, Phares catches him and reveals a copy of Harle. The two reveal to Harle that they had been peering into his memories and they banish Harle to another dimension.

Upon waking up, Harle finds himself in a world where Leonidas has conquered the world. Harle is not only shocked to see this, but he is also surprised to see that he is Leonidas' prime minister.

Collecting his barings, Harle realizes that everybody has become equal in this world. While he finds his ideal fulfilled by war amusing, he refuses to accept this and prepares to come up with a plan to return to his own world to get revenge against his imposter. However, he acknowledges the challenge of returning due to dragons being driven to extinction in the world he is in. He finds an opportunity when a guard mistakes him for the Harle of this world, and he gets info about a meeting from him along with an escort to the castle.

From there, Harle meets with this world's version of himself. At first, Otherworld Harle is weary of his claims, which Harle expected. but he also expects his other self to try and take advantage of him like how he is attempting to. Once Otherworld Harle accepts the claims, Harle proposes an alliance in their goal of reform. However, Otherworld Harle quickly shoots down the goal and reveals he wants not reform but revolution. Realizing his other self seeks to cause bloodshed, Harle opts to go with it as he sees it as his only way to ensure a measure back home.

Time in Another World

Years later, Harle learned more about the world while still not finding himself any step closer to getting back. Meanwhile, Otherworld Harle becomes frustrated other Leonidas. The two discuss how the eradication of dragons has resulted in the lands quickly falling into decay. Upon which, Otherworld Harle proposes a plan to assassinate Leonidas and claim the throne. Before Harle can say anything, Cassandra enters the room, prompting him to hide.

Once she leaves, Otherworld Harle reveals that he asked her to look into opening portals to other worlds so that he could banish people to other dimensions. Seeing the opportunity, Harle meets up with Cassandra and tells her that he is forced from another world to hers and is seeking to return to his own. He offers himself as a test dummy for her in order to get her to help as well which Cassandra can't resist.

Eventually though, Harle lost contact from her for a while only getting assurance that she is still alive when she appears in front of him. to inform him of the chain of causality. She decided to check if Harle's chain had been severed by cutting contact, only to confirm having not lost any memories of him.

Its then that Harle realizes just the kind of power the Progenitor holds. It is then Harle decides that his alliance with his other self has concluded while Cassandra warns him of how dangerous his next plan is and how it could potentially erase him from existance. Despite this, Harle simply wishes the best for Cassandra.

He meets up with Otherworld Harle and lies about planning to kill Leonidas while Otherworld Harle gets the blame pinned on somebody else. Just as he prepares to strike though, he finds that Otherworld Harle saw right through the lie and figured out Harle's plan to kill him in order to return to his own world. Harle isn't upset that his lie didn't work and applauds Otherworld Harle for figuring it out but also scoffs at the soldiers following him and hands them a document. With it, Harle reveals his other self's plan to kill the weak. Otherworld Harle remains unfettered and simply orders the guard to kill Harle, but the guards refuse to listen to him anymore and leave him at Harle's mercy.

Harle manages to see through every trick that his other self plays and eventually lands a killing blow.

With his other self dead, Harle ponders if he would become that way if his ideals were realized. As he ponders, he notices himself fading. While curious as to whether he will cease to exist or return home, he accepts that it is too late to take it back and gets ready for the outcome.

He soon finds himself back in his own world. Happy to be back, Harle prepares to set out to get revenge on his copy expecting him to realize he has returned. He remembers a moment of lessons Leif told him and the support he and Cecile gave him. He also declares to see a different future happen with his ideals that doesn't end in ruin or him becoming power hungry.

Faith Forsaken

On the way, he runs into Nevin and Pinon who have been branded as criminals by their Ilian Church. Finding out that the fake Harle is working for their incriminators, Harle decides to partner with them while accepting that they don't trust him in the slightest.

As they learn the goals of Graht and Basileus, the group prepare to fight back and prevent a slaughter of 666 lives that would be part of a ritual to revive Satan. Upon arrival, they see many have already been slaughtered and the apostles engage Basileus and Loki in a fight. While Ryszarda uses a smoke bomb, the real Harle sneaks up on Basileus who mistakes him for Loki and holds him hostage in an attempt to get his impostor to stand down.

Instead Loki laughs as Asura is summoned to fight them. Once Harle and the apostles defeat Asura though, she reveals herself to be a possessed Graht, whose death at the apostle's hands results in the last of the needed sacrifices to be fulfilled as Origa reveals herself to be in on it as she offers her soul to become Satan, much to the horror of Harle and the apostles.

As Origa attempts to control Satan, Loki reveals to everybody that Satan is controlled by nobody as Origa is absorbed. After Harle and the apostles escape at the cost of the Archangels, they contact for help from the Halidom party. However, Harle feels that they wouldn't believe him about being on their side due to the amount of trouble Loki caused them, so he leaves the group to plan his revenge against Loki on his own with intent on reuniting with the party at a later point.

Eventually, Harle briefly returns to inform Pinon that they can get rid of the miasma blocking their way to Satan by defeating all of the Sinister Dominion at once before leaving again.

After the party does so and confronts Satan, they are approached by Loki who uses a spell to freeze them in place. However, Harle arrives in time to free the.. and get his long awaited revenge on Loki by using the same banishment spell Loki had used on him to send him to an unknown dimension. From there, Harle aids the party with taking down Satan.

Once Satan is sealed away once more, Harle leaves to put a stop to the Progenitor while promising to stop by every now and then to check up on Euden and company.


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