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Harmony Bear is a Care Bear who was first introduced in the 1980's toyline, and later made her animated debut in The Care Bears Movie 2: A New Generation in 1986.

She was voiced by the late Nonnie Griffin in Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, Athena Karkanis in Care Bears Big Wish Movie, Andrea Libman (who also voiced Emmy) in Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot and Nayo Wallace in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot & Care Bears and Cousins.


While she always has violet or purple-colored fur, her Belly badge has changed numerous times throughout the years, beginning as a rainbow music note, then a purple heart with two smaller red hearts on either side, and finally a smiling flower with different-colored petals.


Harmony Bear's name is meant to have a double meaning. Not only does she exemplify unity and togetherness between people of all kinds, but she loves to spread the joy of music and sound. Fortunately, both goals are not mutually exclusive, and she often uses her songs and melodious voice to bridge gaps that language cannot. She has a tendency to "sing" her lines rather than just speak them, and has the ability to make up tunes on the fly to fit any situation.



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