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I can't help it! I'm a slave to looove...
~ Harold admitting he's in love.
~ Harold's catchphrase
~ Harold's catchphrase towards his bullies.
Duncan? I hate that guy. He made me pee my pants. He drew on my face with a marker. He strung my underwear up a flagpole, put hot sauce in them and then feed them to me for lunch in an underwear sandwich. He's beyond annoying.
~ Harold of his hatred toward Duncan for bullying him.

Harold McGrady, labeled The Dweeb, is a supporting character in Total Drama Island, the tritagonist of Total Drama Action, and a minor character in Total Drama World Tour.

He is an awkward, geeky character who often gets bullied by Duncan because he is a hapless know-it-all. He is also patterned after no one in appearance and personality. He has a crush on Leshawna. Harold was not a contestant in Total Drama All-Stars.

He was voiced by Brian Froud (who also voiced Sam in the same series).



  • Alejandro
  • Courtney
  • Duncan (Archenemy and bully)
  • Heather (On and Off)
  • Ezekiel


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