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Harold Oxley is the supporting character who makes his debut as the tetartagonist of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He was born from England.

He is portrayed by the late John Hurt.


Harold is a colleague of Indiana who broke off contact with him in 1937 while searching for the skulls. Both Ox and Indiana studied under Abner Ravenwood. Ox was a close friend of Ravenwood's daughter, Marion, and hence became a surrogate father for her son Mutt, following the death of Mutt's stepfather. He is also aware of Mutt's true paternity to Indiana. Ox's wits have been addled by long exposure to one of the crystal skulls. As soon as the skull is returned to Akator, Ox regains his sanity, and is last seen at Indy and Marion's wedding, clapping enthusiastically.


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