Harper Finkle is one of the supporting protagonists of the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place.

She is best friends with Alex Russo, and always used to have a crush on her brother, Justin Russo. She is currently in a relationship with Zeke Beakerman, Justin's nerdy best friend. Harper is a typical teenager, being self-expressive, but a little insecure at times. Unlike Alex, she is a hard-working student and a fairly positive person, but still connects well with Alex. Jennifer Stone does not appear as Harper in "You Can't Always Get What You Carpet" (which was actually the first episode produced, but the sixth episode broadcast—the episode was aired out of production order).

She is portrayed by Jennifer Stone.


Harper is regarded as an obedient and smart student, contrasting with her best friend. She always tells her what's right and what's wrong, and is sometimes considered her conscience. She gets very nervous when in trouble or in fear, often panicking or yelling away screaming. Also, her famous line is, "See you in PE!" After finding out about Russo's magical abilities, she would see magic and wizardry with suspicion. As the series progressed, Harper develops some sense of rebellion under Alex's influence, such as when she helped Alex trick Rosie (who they believed was a Guardian Angel) to take them to the Angels' Club, and when she tricked Professor Crumbs into thinking that she knows about wizardry because of him to avoid Alex getting into trouble for exposing the secret.


Despite being an ordinary human, Harper has won various temporary magic powers due to the Russo influence. Some of the most famous include:

  • Superhero powers of flight, super-strength, super-hearing and heat vision
  • Wielding a training wand that allows to open things (even if the wielder doesn't have magic)
  • Werewolf powers when she transformed into one by Alex.

She also has various human abilities that are somewhat amazing, such as; being able to make 40 outfits (at the most) in one day.

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