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Harry Osborn is one of the main characters of the animated TV series Marvel's Spider-Man (2017). He is the best friend of Peter Parker.

Harry is voiced by Max Mittelman, who also voices Ryuji Sakamoto, Overflow, Plagg, and Konohamaru Sarutobi as an adult.


He had black hair rather.


He is resentful of Spider-Man, blaming Spider-Man for his expulsion, yet supportive towards Peter. Examples of this relationship include Harry blaming Spider-Man for Norman's "death" in "The Rise of Doc Ock" Pt. 4 while vowing that he and Peter will never fight like Herman Schultz and Clayton Cole in "Osborn Academy". Harry eventually discovers Spider-Man's secret identity following the "Spider Island" arc, putting his friendship with Peter at risk as he still blames Spider-Man for his misfortunes. In the Season 1 finale "The Hobgoblin", Harry receives the Hobgoblin armor from Norman and saves Peter from Octavius' mind control before ultimately betraying his father after seeing his true colors.


He was a student at Horizon High. He first appears in the "Origins" animated shorts, attending the field trip to Oscorp alongside Peter Parker. He is framed by Spencer Smythe into sabotaging a project and suspended from Horizon High, with Peter assigned to take over his lab. He views Spider-Man as a menace during their various encounters. Despite being declared innocent of the crime, he decides to enroll in Norman Osborn's Osborn Academy, unaware that his own father was the one who ordered his framing. During the "Spider Island" arc, he proved instrumental in curing the entire population from the Jackal's Spider virus but discovers Peter's identity as Spider-Man in the process which fractures their friendship as he still blames Spider-Man for his various misfortunes. In the two-part season one finale, he uses the Hobgoblin identity (a nod to his Ultimate Marvel counterpart). He's convinced by his father that Spider-Man needs to be stopped when Spider-Man works with Doctor Octopus's Sinister Six. After finding out Spider-Man was under mind control, he rescues Peter and becomes a crime-fighting partner after the two make amends. But the Hobgoblin starts showing up randomly without Harry realizing, theorizing it's a combination of his subconscious hate of Spider-Man which hasn't fully pushed out and his own cure experiments on himself. He and Spider-Man eventually discover that the impostor is Norman attempting to kill Spider-Man so Harry could be a popular hero to carry on the Osborn name. Harry rescues Spider-Man, resulting in Norman seemingly perishing from a green chemical explosion. Harry inherits his father's position as Oscorp's new CEO.


  • He doesn't have red, auburn or brown hair like his previous counterparts.


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