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My daughter, Molli, is around the same age as Teba's kid, Tulin, so our families spend a lot of time together.
~ Harth

Harth is a minor supporting character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and is Molli's father and Teba's best friend from childhood. He runs a family business as Rito Village's blacksmith who crafts many weapons for the Rito Warriors and is even capable of crafting the Great Eagle Bow, a weapon which used to belong to the Rito Champion, Revali. While he and Teba are good friends, Teba's recklessness tends to have a negative influence on him.


Harth lives in Rito Village, where he had lived peacefully throughout his life and had spent lots of time with Teba. When the corrupted Divine Beast Vah Medoh started disrupting their way of life by shooting anyone who approaches it and forced the inhabitants to resort to walking as a means of leaving or returning to the village, Teba and Harth feared for the safety of the villagers and resolved to investigate and stop it at any cost, despite Kaneli's objections that only the Champion or their descendants can board the Divine Beast. Their attempt was unsuccessful as Harth was hit in the wing and the duo were forced to retreat. Harth returns home to tend to his wounds, but Teba was increasingly restless and desperate to stop Vah Medoh to the point where he would go as far as to try and fight it on his own.

Link arrives at Rito Village where he meets the injured Harth. He simply tells Link not to worry about him and it wasn't any of his business. So Link gets some info involving where to find the Flight Range and recalls his meeting with Revali, and he and Teba would team up after convincing the latter to let him assist with appeasing Vah Medoh. Teba is wounded in the leg himself while distracting the cannons away from Link while he destroys them and wishes Link luck in destroying the source as he returns to the Flight Range to recover. After Link destroys Windblight Ganon, and avenging Revali, the Rito Champion's soul is freed and takes back control of Divine Beast Vah Medoh and perches high above the village to take aim at Hyrule Castle where Calamity Ganon currently resided. As those events pass, Harth and Teba have recovered from their wounds and returned to their normal lives. Teba now takes his son Tulin to the Flight Range every day while Harth goes back to crafting bows for the Rito warriors. Harth will offer Link his service by repairing the Great Eagle Bow that Kaneli rewarded to him for his efforts should Link lose it or break it; but he will require Link to bring him a Swallow Bow, five bundles of Wood, and a Diamond to make another one.

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