Haru "Tokatti" Tokashiki (渡嘉敷 "トカッチ" 晴 Tokashiki "Tokatchi" Haru?) is ToQ 2gou (トッキュウ2号 Tokkyū Ni-gō?, ToQ #2), the Blue Ranger of the ToQgers.


Haru Tokashiki was a transfer student who moved to Subarugahama and befriended Right Suzuki, Hikari Nonomura, Mio Natsume and Kagura Izumi. He was soon introduced to their base and made a member of their team. Station 19: Now Departing! Build-Dai-Oh Tokatti also made a superhero of his imagination, Ryo Knight, who was based on his brother, Ryo Tokashiki as he always looked up to him.

ToQ 2gou

Tokatti as ToQ 2gou.

When Emperor of Darkness Z's darkness as well as the Shadow Line invaded Subarugahama, their home, Tokatti and his friends were spirited by the Rainbow Line light while Right was consumed by the darkness. Station 45: The Home We Left Behind Nonetheless, he and three other friends were turned into adults by Rainbow Line President's Imagination and hired as ToQgers, rescuing cities that were invaded by the Shadow Line.

One day, Hikari and his friends managed to reunite with Right, their old friend when he was mistakenly kidnapped in one of Bag Shadow's Kuliners. After Right was appointed as ToQ 1gou, he accidentally unlocked one of their functions, the Transfer Changes and managed to defeat Bag Shadow. Starting Station: Let's Ride the Limited Express Train Ever since then, he and his teammates resorted to freeing towns that were invaded by the Shadow Line while searching for their old hometown. They also receive an aid from Akira Nijino, whom formerly a former Shadow Line worker Zaram that gained the mantle of ToQ 6Gou.

In one incident, where they were introduced to Pin Spot Shadow, whose ability is to materialize characters from fairy tales and put them in a faulty characterization. Tokatti was affected as well, bringing his childhood-made superhero, Ryo Knight but the warrior retained it's gallant demeanour and helped the ToQgers, mainly Tokatti/ToQ 2gou against the Shadow Creep. He disappeared, but not before he transformed into an apparition of Ryo Tokashiki and smiled.Station 25: Right Out of a Fairy Tale

During the Christmas event, they managed to find their hometown, Subarugahama but were surprised when discovering that the town is now the foundation of Castle Terminal. Station 40: Who Is He? He Is Whom? Station 41: The Christmas Battle

He and his friends were tricked by Right into giving their Rainbow Passes to prevent their interference in Right and Akira's raid into Castle Terminal, as well as to ensure their safety by turning them into children and left them in their normal lives without Right's existence. Station 45: The Home We Left Behind Unknown to Right, Akira and Wagon had planned to make them remember their older selves with previous photos of them and Right placed on their tree base as a safety precaution and backup plans. Thanks to the photos, Tokatti and the others reuse it as their new Rainbow Passes and managed to rescue Right from despair in the darkness. Station 46: The Final Destination Along with the ToQgers, they defeated the remaining Shadow Line armies, and seemingly defeated Z before Gritta spirited him with a Kuliner. The five core ToQgers were seemingly trapped in their adult forms but their families were able to remember them due to their Imaginations and finally returned to their child forms. Akira and the other Rainbow Line departs, while the children continue their regular lives. Terminal Station: The Shining Ones


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