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Haruka Minami is the eldest sister among the Minami siblings in Minami-ke. She acts like a mother towards her little sisters, Kana and Chiaki. She is also good cook and often cook meals in the house.

She was voiced by Rina Satō.


Haruka attended the same middle-of-the-road middle school Kana does, because it is closer to home. Further, she is implied to not participate in any after-school club or activity, though she may have some involvement with the student council,[4] and likely was class representative in ninth grade. She has also rejected every suitor out of hand. Because of the way she has had to take care of her sisters, Haruka is by far the most reliable of the three sisters, to the point where there are almost no examples of her using Minami Logic. She is constantly seen busy cooking, cleaning, shopping, or doing other housework. This is driven primarily out of love for her sisters, however.

Despite her generally kind and nurturing demeanor, she carries a latent domineering streak, by which she is capable of commanding the obedience of everyone around her, including her sisters.



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