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Haruka Minazuki

Haruka Minazuki is a heroine of Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel.


Freshman camellia sets of St. Cherinu Academy. June 6 at the age of 15 born (Gemini), height 153 cm, weight 39 kg, three sizes B78 (A cup) / W55 / H76, blood type O type. Image color is red and orange. The part of the orange hair, it's Yui~tsu in black ribbon. Hobby is now a cat goods collection or pants collection. In particular, we have quite a while there is no rampant regarding pants, sometimes you try to collect the Aoi pants partner. It should be noted that much himself wearing the islands pants of pink. It is a cheerful but a little goofy girl. Sport is a member of the swimming section in like the Academy, it is to demonstrate a universal first time also in other competitions. Although results of the school is quite bad, only physical education because it is as all sports mentioned earlier are good at. also a skive tend club on the late is magic, but popular from around a bright personality is high. In fact, there is a tragic past you lose your parents in an accident at an early age, and has been taken up in Kannazuki who was a close friend of his grandfather. In one of the twin Angel, is a treasure of the institute the "angel of the image" from the darkness of the organization black auction, in order to recapture "2" in the same the "angel of tears" from the secret society black fund, to be transformed into a Red Angel . Good at close combat with a physical attack, Special Moves are to kick while high-speed rotation "Angel Tornado". Drop heel from the air to the other "Angel impact", it is also used, such as punch "Angel punch" which was carrying a weight. When the Red Angel, shoulder part is in the shape of wings, I'm wearing a dress that was based on red. Behind it comes with a pink ribbon, wearing a white knee socks of.

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