Haruka Nogizaka

Haruka Nogizaka (乃木坂 春香, Nogizaka Haruka) is the female protagonist of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu and is Yūto's classmate. She is idolized at school due to her beauty and intelligence, and is regarded as the school's most unattainable girl.

She is voiced by Mamiko Noto.


Haruka is the idol of Hakujou Academy. She is academically gifted as well as very skilled at playing the piano and has won international piano competitions. In fact, she is known by the French nicknames "Nuit Étoile" (The Night Star) and "Lumière du Clavier" (The Piano's Light). She is also skilled at cooking and fluent in multiple launguages (including Russian). This earned her a fan club which acts as her "bodyguards" in later events. While being very talented in many areas, she cannot draw well, but does not realize it because she is too proud of her artwork for anyone to tell her directly.

She also has a kind and gentle personality, is a natural airhead, and is quite clumsy. In spite of this, she holds a black belt in a number of martial arts, notably aikido, which she once utilized to effortlessly throw a jock who was harrassing Yūto onto his back.

Her shameful secret is that she is an otaku. Otaku are usually frowned upon by society and she is vulnerable to this despite having a high status. In middle school, her secret was exposed and she was shunned by everyone, including the people she thought of as her closest friends. The pain of the isolation she felt prompted her to develop an introverted personality and even transfer schools. This hobby developed from a chance encounter when she was younger. After an argument with her father she ran away to a park where she sat crying on a swing. A boy whom she did not know (revealed in flashbacks to have been Yūto) stopped and tried to cheer her up by giving her a copy of the first issue of Innocent Smile.


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