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Goodbye Fee. Goodbye Foo.
~ Harvey saying goodbye to his friends the twins as they leave Littlebark with their parents to their real home.

Harvey Beaks is the 9, later 10, year-old titular protagonist of the show of the same name. He is the son of Irving and Miriam, the brother of Michelle, and the best friend Fee and Foo as well as everyone in Littlebark.

He was voiced by Max Charles, who potrayed Spin in Lab Rats and voices Kion in The Lion Guard.


Harvey Beaks is a 9, later 10, year-old bird who goes on adventures with his friends, Fee and Foo and lives with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Beaks. He is happy to meet his friends, Fee and Foo.


He is a blue 9, later 10, year-old bird with a light green long-sleeved shirt and dark green shorts.

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