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Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent

Harvey Dent was the district attorney in Gotham City and appears in Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman. He was played by Billy Dee Williams, who also played Lando Calrissian from Star Wars. In Batman Forever, he was portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones, who also portrayed Agent K in the Men in Black franchise.


Harvey became district attorney of Gotham City and vowed to rid the city of its crime, with one of his ideas being taking down mob boss Carl Grissom. He is seen several times in the film, and at the beginning attending a party at Wayne Manor. He then allied with Batman, in order to end crime in Gotham, and make it a stable and peaceful city.

Harvey would later be scarred, and become Two-Face. He would then Ally with the Riddler, in order to take down Batman.


  • Harvey Dent was meant to appear in the 1992 sequel Batman Returns in which he would be transformed into Two-Face at the climax of the film. However his role in the film was replaced by new character Max Shreck played by Christopher Walkin.
    • This is quite interesting as Max Shreck was portrayed as a corrupt official who had attempted to kill Selina Kyle (which led to her becoming Catwoman). Its unknown if they would of made Harvey an antagonist in the film, or if he was to develop a separate personality (like big bad Harvey from the animated series).
    • However overtime, the stories about Harvey Dent's involvement in Batman Returns do vary. Some claim Billy Dee Williams was only going to solely appear in Batman (1989), or that Riddler was going to be the sole main antagonist in Burton's unmade Batman 3 film.
  • In the 1995 film Batman Forever Harvey Dent (in his Two-Face persona) was played by Tommy Lee Jones, replacing Dee Williams who was bought out of his contract. Despite Billy being black and Tommy being white, their two versions of Harvey Dent is supposed to be the same.
  • In the Batman Forever novelization, it is mentioned that Dent and Batman first directly allied to take down the remaining members of the Red Triangle Circus Gang from Batman Returns.
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