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NOTE: This article is about the normal persona of Harvey Dent. You may be looking for information on his Two-Face split personality.
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Two-Face: Harvey Dent does everything by the book, to the letter of the law. But that isn't working.
Harvey: Sure it is -- he's turning things around.
Two-Face: Barely. Slowly.
Harvey: I'd like to see you do better!
Two-Face: Watch me.
Harvey: How're you going to fix this mess?
Two-Face: Simple. Easy. Curfews after dark. Checkpoints at every bridge. Mandatory identification cards. 24/7 video surveillance. That works.
~ Harvey Dent and Two-Face's personalities debating against each other in his office at City Hall if he is disfigured. (determinant)

Harvey Dent, later known as Two-Face, is a major character in Batman: The Telltale Series. He is also mentioned in the game's sequel Batman: The Enemy Within.

He was the former Mayor of Gotham City, a former friend of Bruce Wayne, and the former District Attorney who had run against his corrupt predecessor Hamilton Hill. However, following an attack by the Children of Arkham in which he was drugged with a psychosis-inducing chemical (and disfigured, depending on the player's choice), his mind split in half, creating an alter-ego which turned towards a darker path.

He was voiced by Travis Willingham.


Episode One: "Realm of Shadows"

Harvey Dent is first seen at a fundraiser hosted by Bruce Wayne promoting his Mayoral campaign, and he is successful in convincing the guests that he would be a better replacement of the then-current Mayor: Hamilton Hill, who is allegedly corrupt. He then pulls Bruce to the side in order to talk to him about his late arrival as well as plans to improve Gotham. After that, Harvey decides that they should socialize with the guests and in doing so they run into Gotham Gazette reporter Vicki Vale who wishes to ask a few questions despite the fact reporters were not allowed to attend. As they are talking, crime boss Carmine Falcone enters the manor.

Bruce, Vicki and all of the guests are surprised to see an alleged criminal at the party, but Harvey reveals he invited him because of Falcone's ability to control enough votes to get Harvey into City Hall. Falcone introduces himself to Bruce and after sarcastically claiming that he wishes to buy his house, requests to talk business in private, which they do. However, Falcone asks Harvey to stay at the fundraiser as he wants to talk to Bruce exclusively, much to Harvey's chagrin. The player can then choose to apologetically ask Harvey to stay at the party (which a hurt Harvey will hesitantly do) or invite Harvey to attend the meeting (which Falcone will reluctantly allow). Bruce and Falcone will then talk business until the end of the party.

The next day, Bruce and Harvey host a press conference with the intent of showing to the public a new hospital which will replace the dangerous and unstable Arkham Asylum to treat the mentally ill named the Thomas & Martha Wayne Memorial Hospital in honor of Bruce's parents. However, while Bruce is taking questions from reporters attending the conference, one such reporter asks Bruce a question regarding his parents possibly being corrupt due to a source leaking information of them using mob funds to various news outlets. This question completely surprises and offends Bruce, and he either outright denies the rumor or refuses to comment. The reporters then go off-topic and ask questions about Bruce's parents rather than the hospital, which causes Harvey to apologize to Bruce for the conference turning into a disaster before taking over the podium so Bruce can slip away.

Sometime later, Wayne Manor is raided by the GCPD due to a warrant signed by Mayor Hill in response to the new allegations about the Waynes. Angry, Bruce confronts Harvey at a cafe as the mayor cannot issue a warrant without it being approved by the DA. However, Harvey denies that he had any part in it and that Mayor Hill went ahead with the raid without his knowledge which leads both of them to believe that the rumor was started by Hill in order to damage Harvey's campaign by taking the campaign's biggest financial backer (Bruce) out of the picture. As they discuss what to do next, they are interrupted by a woman named Selina Kyle who Harvey was showing around town, but Bruce instantly recognizes her to be Catwoman, the professional thief from the break-in at City Hall, due to her left black eye that was received from their first fight, while Selina is able to deduce Bruce to be Batman due to the claw scratches on his right cheek from that same fight. Harvey then leaves Selina and Bruce alone for a bit to make a phone call. Harvey returns and assures Bruce that they will get to the bottom of this, Bruce then leaves despite Harvey and Selina's pleas for him to stay for a drink to which Bruce politely declines.

Episode Two: "Children of Arkham"

After Bruce discovers that Falcone may have had something to do with the death of his parents, he enlists the help of Harvey to use his connections to get into the GCPD Precinct's infirmary, where Falcone is being held due to his confrontation with Batman at the Skyline Club in which he either suffered minor injuries or was brutalized when the vigilante savagely impaled the crime boss through the abdomen on a dislodged rebar pillar, in order to question him. Harvey is reluctant but willing to help his friend though he insists to Bruce that he needs to know why they need to see Falcone as doing such may cause bad publicity for his campaign as well as his upcoming debate with Mayor Hill, giving the player the choice to reveal why they need to see him or keep it a secret. They both run into Lieutenant James Gordon who escorts them to the infirmary. Bruce enters while Harvey and Gordon wait outside.

While Bruce and Falcone are talking, one of the police officers, Sergeant Renee Montoya, barges in and shoots Falcone dead, and she is then restrained by either Bruce or Gordon before passing out. While the officers of the precinct try to keep the incident under wraps from the public, Bruce, Harvey, and Gordon take Montoya to an interrogation room to find out why she did what she did. Harvey angrily accuses her of being corrupt and that she was wanted to silence him before he could be prosecuted in court while Gordon rebuffs stating that she would never do something to endanger the police department and that there must be a reason for what she did. Bruce discovers evidence that she was drugged and forced to do the act, before leaving in order to form his own investigation, while Gordon and Harvey stay at the station with Montoya.

Bruce soon discovers that a terrorist group named the Children of Arkham wish to kill Harvey and Mayor Hill while they are at the mayoral debate, and contacts Harvey to warn him to stay away from the Wayne Memorial Auditorium (formerly known as the Monarch Theatre) which is also the theatre where the debate is being held, Harvey however, not taking the threat of the Children seriously, dismisses him and states that he isn't in any danger as the auditorium is heavily guarded which would make it hard for the Children of Arkham to attack. Harvey then apologetically tells Bruce that he must distance himself from him because of the bad publicity surrounding Bruce's family. The player has the choice of discontinuing his support for Harvey's campaign or telling him that he understands and will continue to support his campaign no matter what. Either way, Harvey tells Bruce that he's gotta get ready for his debate and hangs up, though Bruce is still aware of the great danger he's in and decides to go to the debate as Batman in order to protect him. Catwoman also decided to tag along for help.

As Bruce predicted, the debate is indeed attacked by the Children of Arkham, led by a masked man calling himself the Penguin who proceeds to shoot and kill the moderator. Penguin effectively holds everyone attending the debate, including Harvey and Mayor Hill, hostage, and then sarcastically continues the debate warning Harvey and Hill to answer truthfully otherwise he'll kill them. Penguin then has Vicki inject both Hill and Harvey with a psychosis-inducing drug that makes one lose their morals and behave on their basic impulses, which would force them to tell the truth whether they want to or not. In turn, this causes Two-Face to gradually emerge from Harvey's psyche after the debate.

Hill immediately starts ranting that they should kill all the poor people in Gotham as he believes it will help the economy, while Harvey states that he is genuinely interested in the well being of Gotham despite its flaws and he wants to do everything he can to save it. Penguin then plays a video which shows the masked leader of the Children of Arkham, who then shows the audience a recording of Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) and Mayor Hill drugging Esther Cobblepot (Penguin's mother) in order to turn her insane and have her committed to Arkham Asylum so that they can steal the Cobblepots' land and fortune, confirming the Waynes' corruption, much to the surprise of the audience, Catwoman and Batman himself.

A battle then ensues when the GCPD enter the stage room, during which Penguin prepares to kill Mayor Hill out of revenge for his involvement in committing his mother to Arkham, but Harvey attempts to stop him by shoving him aside although it is in vain as Penguin quickly gets up and retaliates by pistol-whipping Harvey in the face, leaving the latter with a left black eye and broken nose along with a few bruises, and is successful in gunning Hill down before he proceeds to take a bruised Harvey hostage at gunpoint. Batman and Catwoman attempt to reach Penguin, who starts to shoot at both of them, effectively splitting them up. Catwoman is knocked down by one of Penguin's gunshots before a group of Children of Arkham soldiers close in on her, while at the same time, Penguin throws Harvey to the ground and prepares to kill him by slamming a stagelight on him. Batman only has time to save one person closest to him.

Batman knocks Penguin out of the way before he could slam Harvey with the stagelight and helps the latter up, who thanks Batman in return. Meanwhile, Catwoman is left to fend for herself, but she is then shot in the left shoulder by one of the Children who is armed a shotgun. Batman rushes to help her and take down her attackers before the remaining Children (including the Penguin) are driven off by the GCPD when they start opening fire before Gordon orders them to stand down. Catwoman escapes after giving Batman an angry look (enraged at not being saved), and is on the run from both the GCPD and the Children until she loses them. Harvey is taken to Gotham General Hospital to be psychologically observed due to the psychosis drug, treated for minor injuries, and recover from a left black eye and broken nose alongside a few bruises as a result of Penguin hitting and pistol-whipping him before he was saved by Batman.

Batman repels Catwoman's would-be attackers with Batarangs and helps her up, but this gives Penguin enough time to brutally slam the stagelight onto Harvey's head, completely disfiguring the left side of his face. Batman just manages to stop Penguin from killing him (via slamming his head a second and final time) by knocking the stagelight off of his hands with a Batarang, but before Batman can get to him, the GCPD start shooting at him, forcing him to duck from gunfire before Gordon orders them to stop, which gives Penguin time to escape. Batman, seemingly regretful for not saving Harvey in time, is shocked and horrified of what has happened to his friend when he checks on him before Gordon has paramedics take Harvey to Gotham General Hospital for treatment of his facial burn scars, mental surveillance for the effects of the drug, and recovery. Batman takes Catwoman to Wayne Manor to recuperate.

Episode Three: "New World Order"

Due to Hill's death, Harvey is made Mayor by default. One week later, Bruce visits him at Gotham General Hospital after the attack at the mayoral debate last week to congratulate him on his election as mayor and to make sure he is doing okay, as Harvey is recovering either because of minor injuries plus a left black eye and broken nose in addition to a few bruises due to the Penguin pistol-whipping him before being saved by Batman when Penguin was about to smash his head with a stagelight (while also being under psychiatric observation because of being dosed with the psychosis chemical used by the Children of Arkjam) or because of Penguin burning the left side of his face with the stagelight if Catwoman was saved by Batman instead (in addition to being put under mental observation for any effects of the drug).

Harvey is ecstatic to see him and expresses sadness that Selina hasn't shown up yet. Harvey tells Bruce that he has been watching various news reports of the incident over and over again and expresses anger that he was so helpless during the attack, and Bruce has the option to either turn off the TV or let him vent over the attack. He also apologizes for his attempt to abandon Bruce during his campaign. Harvey states that he plans to start work as mayor immediately and his secretary Deborah is already on her way to pick him up. Despite Bruce's pleas to rest up, Harvey is still intent on leaving the hospital as soon as possible.

If Batman saved him, Harvey states that his therapist is worried that the drug may have caused his mental health issues to resurface and become untreatable. If Catwoman was saved instead, he will tell Bruce that the doctors are unhappy that they were talked into letting him leave early and are also worried about him due to the effects of the drug. Their conversation is interrupted when Harvey spots a giant bat signal in the sky which they both believe is being done as a way to get Batman's attention which forces Bruce to declare he needs to step out due to an "urgent matter", and bids Harvey farewell before leaving. After he leaves, Harvey will either unmute the TV or turn it back on, depending on whether Bruce turned it off or not.

As Batman meets Gordon (who lit the Bat-Signal) on the roof of the GCPD, Gordon tells Batman that the Children of Arkham have been spotted in places all over the city since their public reveal at the debate. Gordon warns Batman that not only would the Children still be looking to finish off Harvey, but that Montoya has gone rogue to prove her innocence after Falcone's murder when she is supposed to be on administrative leave after she got a tip about the Children's drug handoff. Batman sends out Bat-Drones to find Harvey and Montoya. He sees that Harvey's car on his way from the hospital is being attacked by the Children while Montoya has stumbled into a firefight with the Children's soldiers at Arkham Island, and he can only help one person.

Batman saves Harvey and his secretary Deborah from the Children, and proceeds to interrogate one of them, but when he refuses to talk, Batman can either threaten him before tying him up for the police or brutally beat him up until he is unconscious, much to the horror of Harvey and Deborah.
If Batman saved Harvey at the mayoral debate, he will express gratitude, stating that this is the second time he's been saved, and will shake Batman's hand with the vigilante having officially earned Harvey's trust, saying that he will always be on Batman's side. If he saved Catwoman instead, Harvey will display obvious hostility towards Batman, telling him that he doesn't need his help and that he should watch his back now that he is mayor, before angrily reprimanding the vigilante for not saving him.
Batman then leaves to go to Montoya's location, where she is alive and well, but the Children got away with the drugs and managed to take a cop hostage. Montoya turns her badge over to Gordon, thus officially resigning from the GCPD, and goes out to stop the Children alone.

Batman saves Montoya and stops the members of the Children that were attacking her in addition to sabotaging the drug handoff by destroying the chemical barrels. Batman leaves to find Harvey and finds that Harvey is safe and protected by the police, but one of the officers reveals to Batman that Harvey managed to savagely beat a member of the Children to death with his bare hands. The officer goes as far as to chastise Batman for not preventing his death.

Sometime later, Bruce finds out that the Children are listening in on communications both within the GCPD and all over the city due to them hacking into Wayne Tech with help from a mole in Wayne Enterprises, and leaves for City Hall to warn Harvey. Bruce finds Harvey in his office and is happy to finally be mayor but is upset that he won by default rather than his much-anticipated landslide victory, and if he was disfigured by the Penguin because Batman chose to save Catwoman, he will express that he is upset and looks terrible for his mayoral portrait. Bruce tells Harvey not to make any plans against the Children through the phone as they could be listening and in the process jeopardize any move they hope to make against them, to which Harvey thanks Bruce for the warning.

If Harvey was saved by Batman, his Two-Face persona will start showing signs of extreme paranoia and anger towards the Children of Arkham while also praising Batman for his ability to do what the GCPD couldn't. If Catwoman was saved, Harvey is seen talking to his Two-Face alter-ego and shows signs of instability which worries Bruce extremely, when Bruce tries to talk to Two-Face he snaps back at him but Harvey regains control and immediately apologizes. Either way, Harvey will plead with Bruce to keep his outburst a secret since he may be removed from his position if his mental ailments are revealed to the public, in which they will think his psychological problems will make him unfit to be mayor.

Harvey later goes to Selina's apartment to give her some breakfast and confess his feelings for her, but before he could do so, he also sees Bruce in the apartment, and immediately assumes that Bruce and Selina have been sleeping with each other, which drives Harvey to be hysterical and start referring himself in the third person in a more menacing voice with his mind being clouded by his Two-Face persona, and Bruce and Selina try to calm him down but suddenly he moves to attack as they both attempt to fend him off. Bruce and Selina express worry and fear of Two-Face's attitude as he decides to flip a coin to determine which one to kill first.

Two-Face then goes to attack either Bruce or Selina first (depending on what side his coin lands on) while the pair then desperately attempt to fight him off. Two-Face is also seen arguing and fighting with the Harvey persona during the confrontation and picks up a knife only for Harvey to briefly regain control and throw it away with Bruce standing between him and Selina. As Harvey and Two-Face struggle for control over his body, Bruce is then given the choice to either beat him into submission or wear him down. Either way, Harvey is in control of his body again, and falls to his knees crying, he tries to apologize to Bruce and Selina and begs them not to be left alone with Two-Face, which both confuses and worries them. Harvey then sorrowfully picks himself up and leaves while also turning away Bruce's offer to help him. After Harvey's departure, Selina decides to leave town out of fear of the possibility Harvey might return, though Bruce can let her stay at Wayne Manor.

Episode Four: "Guardian of Gotham"

Afterward, Bruce is drugged by Vicki Vale, who has revealed herself to be the mysterious leader of the Children of Arkham named Lady Arkham, into publicly attacking Oswald Copplepot, who, unbeknownst to the public, is actually the Penguin, and nearly beats him to death. Thus, he is arrested and placed into Arkham Asylum on orders from Harvey, now fully controlled by his Two-Face personality, as a form of revenge for "stealing" Selina from him. Sometime later, Bruce is released from Arkham, and as his butler Alfred drives him home, it becomes blindingly obvious, if it wasn't apparent before, that Harvey's sanity has taken a turn for the worse as he sees that he has turned the entire city into a police state, with martial law being enforced by a platoon of elite Enforcement Squads, consisting of GCPD SWAT officers, that serve as Two-Face's private security and paramilitary task force, almost acting similar to the Gestapo. Two-Face calls Bruce to taunt and threaten him, making it clear to Bruce that he is no longer the friend he once knew.

Batman later discovers the location of the drug stockpile belonging to the Children of Arkham, and gives Gordon and Commissioner Peter Grogan the information. At the Batcave, Alfred shows Bruce a news report in which Two-Face states that he is planning formally seize Wayne Manor so that the corrupt wealth of Gotham's elite will better serve the people of the city, and that Bruce has 24 hours to turn over all of his assets, or he will be evicted. As Alfred suggests they do something about this, Bruce believes that he should go talk to him and convince him not to seize the manor.

If Harvey was saved at the mayoral debate, Alfred suggests talking to him as Batman since he is already in the corrupt mayor's debt but also recommends going as Bruce Wayne as Two-Face needs to have a talk with an old friend. If Catwoman was saved instead, Alfred warns that should he talk to him as Batman then he must be aware of the fact that Harvey despises the vigilante and suggests talking to him as Bruce Wayne on a more appealing, personal level. After either conversation depending on whether Harvey was previously saved or not, Alfred also warns Bruce about the corrupt mayor's unpredictable yet unstable split personality, as they have no idea how he will react depending on who talks to him. The billionaire playboy himself is then presented with the choice of going to talk to Harvey as either Batman or Bruce Wayne.

Batman finds Harvey and Two-Face talking to each other in Harvey's body on a helipad on the rooftop of City Hall, and insists they need to talk. If Harvey was saved at the mayoral debate, he will be happy to see the vigilante and will calmly agree to talk with him, but if Catwoman was saved instead, he will be displeased to see Batman but will still agree to talk with the vigilante albeit begrudgingly. Batman tries to convince Two-Face to back away from Bruce Wayne, but to no avail, as Two-Face, who is now controlling Harvey, he will refuse to do so regardless of whether Batman previously saved him or not and no matter what dialogue is chosen. Two-Face then goes on to say that Bruce is just another problem Gotham threw in his way, just like Hill, the Penguin and his gang, and Lady Arkham and the Children. He even states that he is finally beginning to understand to realize just how corrupt the city really is.
Two-Face then pulls out a walkie-talkie, believing that in order to save Gotham, he needs to do some bad before things can get better. Two-Face then issues orders to his Enforcers on his walkie-talkie, which to Batman's surprise and horror, an explosion from across the city at the location of the drugs that was given to Gordon is suddenly triggered. While the explosion destroyed the Children's drugs, it also leveled the entire city block, killing more than thirty innocents and lots of his own troops in the process according to one of the Enforcers on the walkie-talkie. Two-Face responds without remorse that they stopped the Children of Arkham, which is all that matters to him. He then tells Batman that this is what a leader does.
Batman then scolds Two-Face for his actions, saying that the GCPD will start to doubt him for what he has just done. Two-Face responds by giving a vague threat, hinting that Gordon's life might be in danger which drives Batman to hold him over the edge of the helipad to force Two-Face to tell him what he meant. Simultaneously, Two-Face's Enforcers swarm the roof and surround Batman while he continues to interrogate Two-Face. If he was previously saved, Two-Face will desperately try to justify his order to have Gordon executed saying he needed to get people in line by making an example of Gordon. If he wasn't previously saved, Two-Face will not be in any way intimidated by Batman's threats as he knows Batman would never take his life.
In either scenario, Two-Face accidentally reveals that Gordon is about to be executed at Crime Alley, the location where Bruce's parents were shot and killed by Joe Chill. Batman throws Two-Face down and dives off the roof to race to Gordon before he can be killed by Two-Face's Enforcers. The latter then leaves with his troops, intending to seize Wayne Manor sooner rather than later. Batman manages to find Gordon about to be executed and takes out the Enforcers in the area, effectively saving Gordon. Gordon reveals to Batman that Two-Face strong-armed the location of the drugs out of Commissioner Grogan. Batman then assures Gordon that they'll make it through this and leaves, but not before Gordon expresses relief that they are on the same side.

Bruce turns himself into Two-Face's Enforcers who escort him to the corrupt mayor himself on top of a helipad on the rooftop of City Hall. Bruce tries to talk some sense into his old friend, but to no avail, as he is still upset with what happened at Selina's apartment. Two-Face, who is controlling Harvey, then states that Gotham is corrupt and it needs a mayor that can focus on cleaning up the city. Two-Face uses this as a reason for wanting to seize Wayne Manor and all of Bruce's assets, believing that it's time Bruce started paying his debts to Gotham, and that the value of Bruce's estate and assets could be used for the good of Gotham.
Two-Face then pulls out a walkie-talkie, stating that strong leaders should never back down and should always topple their enemies on sight without hesitation. He goes on by saying that he promised to purge the city of crime and corruption, even if it will be through using any means necessary. He then issues orders to his Enforcers on the walkie-talkie in which to Bruce's surprise and horror, an explosion from across the city at the location of the drugs that was given to Gordon is suddenly triggered. While the explosion destroyed the Children's drugs, it also leveled the entire city block, killing more than thirty innocents and lots of his own troops in the process according to one of the Enforcers on the walkie-talkie. Two-Face responds without remorse that they stopped the Children of Arkham, which is all that matters to him. He then tells Bruce that this is what a leader does.
Bruce then chastises Two-Face for his actions, but the latter justifies this by saying that while the casualties were necessarily losses, he was sending a strong message to the Children of Arkham and any other threat to know what he's capable of and he will do anything to protect the city, that he is the "Guardian of Gotham". Two-Face then has his Enforcer Squad knock out Bruce and take him to Crime Alley to be executed (the location where Bruce's parents were shot and killed by Joe Chill), planning to make it look like a suicide, before leaving to seize Wayne Manor sooner rather than later. Before being knocked out, Bruce either threatens or punches Two-Face for how far he's fallen as a person and as his friend.
As Bruce is being taken to Crime Alley to be killed, he tries to talk to his would-be killers to convince them what they are doing is wrong, and he manages to successfully talk down one of the Enforcers as he does. Depending on what Bruce says, the Enforcer may be killed by the other one for his hesitation or Gordon may kill the loyal Enforcer and Bruce will knock out the reluctant Enforcer. Gordon uncuffs Bruce and reveals to him that Two-Face strong-armed the location of the drugs out of Commissioner Grogan. Bruce and Gordon then form a plan to take back the city before the former states that they'll make it through this and leaves.

Batman, after changing into the Batsuit if he spoke to Two-Face as Bruce, then contacts Lucius Fox as to determine how the Penguin are hacking into his tech in which Lucius reveals that Penguin has hooked up a Black Box device to the R&D lab's computer which is breaking through the Batcave firewalls and will give Penguin control of all of Batman's tech before the end of the night. However, a distraught Alfred calls Batman to tell him that Two-Face and his Enforcers have already arrived to seize Wayne Manor. Batman must then decide what he needs to prioritize most, his technology or his home, though in the process of saving one he will lose the other.

Batman is successful in stopping the Penguin's hack and saves his technology from being completely hacked into, as well as apprehends the Penguin himself in the process. Unfortunately, this has given Two-Face enough time to seize Wayne Manor, though instead of seizing it, he actually burns it to the ground (though Alfred is hiding barricaded in the Batcave at Batman's suggestion beforehand), with one of his Enforcers questioning whether it was the right thing to do and what people would say about this. Two-Face responds with "Just tell 'em, Wayne put up a fight." before laughing menacingly.

Batman arrives just in time to save Alfred from Two-Face and his Enforcers, which will cause him to be either surprised or annoyed (depending on who the player decided to talk to him as earlier) by Batman's sudden appearance. If the former, Two-Face will speak to Batman in two different ways depending on whether he previously saved Harvey or Catwoman. If Harvey was previously saved, Two-Face will try to justify his actions and attempt to convince Batman to help him apprehend Bruce Wayne. If Catwoman was saved instead, he will harshly criticize Batman for "protecting Bruce" and then lash out at the vigilante for letting the Penguin disfigure his face. Batman then tries to plead with Two-Face to surrender, to which the latter refuses.
Two-Face then gives Batman one last chance to leave, but he refuses. Two-Face orders his Enforcers to attack, resulting in a long battle which ends with the corrupt mayor of Gotham himself apprehended, though he suffers severe burns on both his left arm and a large portion of the left side of his body during the fight. After the battle, Batman can either scold Two-Face for what he's become or reach out to Harvey saying there is still good in him. Batman then hands him over to the GCPD and is taken into custody alongside his Enforcers, while Gordon commends Batman for his efforts.
Batman then tells Gordon to either have Two-Face incarcerated at Blackgate Prison for murdering more than thirty innocents when he blew up the city block in order to destroy the warehouse containing the Children of Arkham's drug stash, or have him registered into Arkham Asylum where Harvey might receive proper psychiatric care and efficient therapeutic help for his split personality disorder. Unfortunately, the battle gave Penguin enough time to completely hack into Batman's technology, which forces him to cut the hardline wire plugged into the Batcomputer with a Batarang before Penguin could completely hack into it all, shutting off all power in the Batcave and effectively cutting off his Bat-Tech's connection link to the Batcomputer itself.

Episode Five: "City of Light"

If Batman went after the Penguin, then five days later, Two-Face deploys his Enforcers to not only overrun Gotham in order to silence anyone who rebels against his position as mayor, but to invade the GCPD Precinct and arrest Commissioner Grogan for openly calling for his arrest for blowing up an entire city block just to destroy the warehouse containing the Children of Arkham's drug stockpile which resulted in the death of more than thirty innocents. Batman and Gordon (who had just received a bullet to the abdomen at the hands of an Enforcer) fend off the Enforcers and try to save Grogan, but he is killed by one of the Enforcers, much to the rest of the GCPD's dismay.
Gordon receives a live broadcast on his walkie-talkie, with a GCPD officer named Sergeant Kelly telling Gordon that Two-Face is at the burnt-down Wayne Manor with hostages and is killing them one-by-one until Bruce Wayne shows up, though he warns that if the GCPD shows up, Two-Face will kill another hostage, but if Batman shows up then he will kill them all, before Two-Face comes on the radio, revealing that Kelly is also a hostage before the walkie-talkie turns off. Batman leaves the precinct but not before telling Gordon to head to the hospital to get his gunshot wound treated. He then decides to confront Two-Face as Bruce and heads to his burnt-down home to do so.
If Bruce is aggressive to Two-Face by saying Harvey is beyond saving, Two-Face will either kill one or two more hostages, a male civilian and then his secretary Deborah, if his coin lands on tails, or spare them if it lands on heads, after killing a GCPD officer that was one of the hostages, and his split personality will permanently take over before trying to kill Bruce and use his coin to decide to either shoot his head or heart after Bruce saves reporter Jack Ryder, another hostage. However, if Bruce reaches out to Harvey by saying either that there is still good in him or to fight his inner demons, Harvey will spare the two previously mentioned fate-determined hostages from Two-Face after the latter still kills the aforementioned GCPD officer that was a hostage as well, and will choose to attempt to kill himself after he comes to terms with how far he's fallen after letting Ryder go and flips his coin.
Bruce grabs Harvey/Two-Face's coin as it is flipped into the air in either aforementioned scenario, and can either pocket the coin leading to Harvey curling up in a fetus position if Bruce reached out to him or Two-Face trying to physically attack him if Bruce was aggressive to him, or throw the coin leading to the latter jumping after it and falling down the stairs injuring himself, after which Harvey breaks down in tears. Harvey/Two-Face is then arrested by the GCPD and taken to a place where Bruce may state that he will have the best doctors to help him, implying that he's not going to be incarcerated at Blackgate Prison and is possibly going to be registered into Arkham Asylum or some other mental health facility for the right psychiatric treatment.

If Batman went after Two-Face and had him hospitalized at Arkham Asylum, then he will briefly appear during when all the inmates are escaping from their cells when Lady Arkham and the Children invaded the asylum. Two-Face will only stay in his own cell, trying to decide, without the use of his coin, as to whether or not he should escape while he still can.


  • Harvey can have one of three mayoral election slogans chosen by the player; the one chosen will later appear on his vote cards and banners.
    • "Put a Dent in crime." - Ironic, given the rise in crime at the hands of the Children of Arkham.
    • "Our hope is in Harvey." - Also ironic, given that Harvey's body would eventually be used by his Two-Face persona to damage Gotham City as well.
    • "A new face for Gotham." - Foreshadows his optional disfigurement in Episode 2 and/or his descent into madness and developing his Two-Face split personality.
  • Even if the player prevents Harvey from being disfigured in Episode 2, he will still go down a darker path and start suffering from his split personality Two-Face due to a concentrated dose from the psychoactive chemical used by the Children of Arkham, though his aforementioned optional disfigurement only accelerates his slow descent to madness.
    • In some comic adaptations of Two-Face, most notably his DC Animated Universe counterpart, he does suffer from schizophrenia and/or some other mental illness before his disfigurement.
    • However, the player may be able to save Harvey from being fully consumed by his mental instability by getting him to spare some hostages while also encouraging him to fight his inner demons before trying to kill himself out of guilt in Episode 5, as not talking him out of his insanity will make him beyond saving and cause Two-Face to control Harvey's body and kill some hostages if his coin lands on tails before trying to kill Bruce out of hatred or revenge.
  • In the comics, Harvey is scarred by Salvatore Maroni who throws acid in his face. However, in this version, depending on the player's choice, the Penguin is responsible for his disfigurement by smashing a stage light onto his face.
  • Throughout the first season, Harvey can be permanently seriously injured in a couple different ways:
    • He can have either the left side of his face burnt if Batman saved Catwoman in Episode 2, a large portion of the left side of his body burnt when Batman indirectly does so if the latter confronts Harvey at Wayne Manor in Episode 4, all of the above, or simply neither.
    • Regardless of which, he still succumbs to his Two-Face persona in the end because of a concentrated dose from the Children of Arkham's psychoactive drug.

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