Hastur, malign wind god, loves Mahiro

Hasuta is a male Hasturan (alien from Hastur) who was the space elementary school classmate of Nyaruko and Kūko. He is the son of the owner of CCE (parody of Sony Computer Entertainment), a famous video game company in space. He was first sent to get intel of earth's entertainment from Yoriko, but he failed and decided to stay on earth, and was later hired as an agent of the Space Defence Agency and colleague to Nyaruko and Kūko. He has feelings for Mahiro and enrolls in Mahiro's school under the name Hasuta Yasaka. He possesses the power of air, fights by creating strong wind, vacuum blades, or forming nearby vacuum areas around enemies. He is known to be stronger than both Nyaruko and Kūko, since he is the one who always stopped their fights during space elementary school. Despite his alien nature, the character also appears to be obedient and shy, making him the only humanoid alien in Mahiro's house who so far hasn't been attacked by Mahiro's fork.


  • He is based on Hastur by H.P. Lovecraft




International Names

  • Spanish: Hesta (based off his Japanese name. The change is to avoid having him confused with the Preposition Hasta, which comes from Ad Ista. First declension, though masculine to reflect his gender (genitive Hestes))
  • Portuguese: O Hesta (based off his Japanese name. Same changes as with his Spanish name. First declension (genitive L(o)is Hestes)
  • Italian: Hástur (Third declension, based off his English name. Genitive: Hastúrus)
  • Latin: Hastur (Third declension masculine; genitive Hastūros)
  • Japanese: Hasutā (His original name.)
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