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Hasty is a playable character who made his debut in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled.

He is voiced by Robbie Daymond.

Personality and Appearance

Hasty is a anthropomorphic moose who is dressed as an aviator, showing his love for racing and possibly his profession. His arrogance and confidence in his own driving skills can sometimes make him seem a bit egotistical.



Bob Rafei's hippopotamus sketch.

As a favor for a friend, former Naughty Dog concept artist Bob Rafei drew his idea of a mascot character for the Trippo Airfare search engine. It was a sketch of a blue anthropomorphic hippopotamus wearing aviation gear. This sketch somehow wound up amongst concept artwork for Crash Team Racing, which lead many to believe the hippopotamus (nicknamed Fasty by fans) was a scrapped character once intended for the game. However Bob Rafei eventually reveal via Twitter the true reason behind the character's existence, although the blue hippo still remained popular among fans and served as the bases for the character Hasty.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Hasty is the star of the Winter Festival Grand Prix. He can be obtained after completing the bronze tier in the nitro gauge. During the CTR TV introduction from Chick and Stew, He's first seen watching Rilla Roo jumping and running around Gingerbread Joyride. After that, the camrea zoomed towards him and say "Were you waiting for me?" with a chilled expression on his face. Then Yaya Panda jumps on his antlers saying "You've never seen speed like mine!"

Hasty also has legendary skin when you complete the gold tier of the nitro gauge. The skin is a winter sports attire were his victory podium animation has him spinning like a tornado.


  • Hasty is the fourth original character made for Nitro-Fueled after Baby Crash, Baby Coco and King Chicken.


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