Oh, Aya's reporting style is so, like, pushy! Maybe I could learn something from how pushy she is. After all, the places where people refuse interviews are totally where the incidents are hiding, right?
~ Hatate Himekaidou

Hatate Himekaidou is a crow tengu heroine from Touhou who, like her rival and colleague Aya Shameimaru, also specializes in taking pictures. She is a tengu reporter, just like Aya, who makes a newspaper called "Kakashi Spirit News". Unlike Aya, she never goes outside for her newspaper research. Instead, she uses her ability called spirit photography. After reading Aya's Bunbunmaru Newspaper, she decided to observe Aya's way of gathering for her articles.


Hatate is a girl with brown eyes, and long brown hair in pigtails with purple ribbons. She wears a white shirt with purple trim on the collar and a thin black tie, a black band around one arm, a purple tokin, a skirt in black/purple checker pattern with a floral pattern on the purple, a small brown pouch on her hip, thigh-high black socks (which are rolled down just below her knees), and red geta sandals with burgundy-purple straps. She carries a camera, looking like a modern cell phone, with a yellow/dark yellow checker pattern, a heart on it, and a brush hanging from it like a charm.



  • The kanji for "Himekaidou" mean "princess", "sea/beach" and "crabapple tree" respectively. "Himekaidou" itself is a kind of toringo crabapple. (Malus sieboldii).
  • "Hime kaidou" also refers to a side-road, often taken by women or travelers who wanted to avoid thieves.
  • Hatate's clothes have a lot of purple color. Purple color symbolizes "mystic" or "royalty". "Mystic" might be associated with her spiritual powers. "Royalty" might refer to "Himekaidou" - princess. Also purple represents the deadly sin pride.
  • Her spirit camera looks like some sort of cell phone. Since she is "putting in" keywords it makes sense in a way.
  • Her camera is made by one of the kappas, as you can see in Hatate's comments for scene 4-1 and Aya's comments for scene Spoiler-2.
  • A silhouette of Hatate occupies the front of Double Spoiler's jewel case.
  • She admitted that she had seen the ocean before, in the comment of Double Spoiler. Considering the fact that the sealing of Gensokyo is estimated to be happened in 1885 A.D., it is likely that she is more than at least 100 years old.



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