We are Hatsuharu. We thank you in advance.

Hatsuharu (初春 ”Early Spring”?), the second Imperial Japanese Navy destroyer of the name, was the lead ship of six Hatsuharu-class destroyers built under the Circle One Program (Maru Ichi Keikaku). Three were laid down in JFY 1931 and the next three in JFY 1933. The remaining six ships in the plan were built as the Shiratsuyu class.


She has long purple hair in a ponytail secured with a rope with ornamental shide. She has purple eyes and her eyebrows are in hikimayu. She wears a short one-piece sailor dress with thighhighs and gloves. She usually holds a folding fan and talks in a very formal, if old-fashioned way (Uses personal pronoun "Warawa", uses "ja" as copula, etc.). She has a floating chevron-shape thing as her headgear. Her gear usually glows a orangeish yellow color.

In her second remodel, her clothes and rigging design are revamped. Her sailor dress is now sleeveless, button-up and features a pattern along the brim and collar. Her tie is replaced with a metal piece holding more shide. Her thighhighs and elbow gloves are shortened and are visually replaced with a pair of heels and wide gloves. Her rigging is more detailed and replaces the gun drones on flexible arms with a fixed twin gun and a stack of two triple torpedo launchers on more robust arms. The "floating chevron thing" over her head has been redesigned to be simpler as well. Her hair is slightly longer at the front and gained volume on the back. She also holds a new folding fan as well.


She's an antiquated and graceful girl.


  • Sunk in action, November 13, 1944 in Manila Bay, Philippines (14°35′N 120°50′E)
  • Her name means "the beginning of Spring".
  • The Hatsuharu class were originally intended to number a dozen, but Hatsuharu was found to be top-heavy. Nenohi and Hatsuharu were completed and then modified to fix the issue, Wakaba and Hatsushimo were modified during construction (thus their different uniforms).(Ariake and Yugure, the last two, had barely been begun, and so were constructed differently). The remaining planned six ships became the first six ships of the Shiratsuyu class.
  • She received her Kai 2 with the 10/10/2014 update.
  • Her outstanding AA stat at Kai Ni reflects to her historical upgrade after she had been struck from a US dive bomber off of Kiska on 17 October, 1942. Oboro, who accompanied her, sank during the attack. After limping back to Paramushiro on her own steam, she was docked at Maizuru Naval Arsenal for repairs. During this time, she was outfitted with numerous Type-96 25mm AA guns and a Type 22 Surface RADAR. She was later outfitted with a Type 13 radar, as faithfully reproduced by her Kai Ni stock equipment.
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