Haunt is the protagonist of his owns series of the same name and a supporting character in the Spawn Comics.


Daniel Kilgore was a well-known priest and had a older  brother named Kurt Kilgore but the two had a strained relationship as they had grown up together Daniel would often pick on him at times and it esclated whenkurt sedcued Amanda and stole her from him. Sometime after Daniel became a priest while Kurt became a CIA agent Where he would end up getting killed by Mr. Hurg in a mission. Eventually Kurt would return as a spirit and asks his younger brother Daniel who was informed of his brother's death by Kurt's widow. Eventually the two brothers fused into becoming Haunt. Haunt would go one serveral Adventures fightning Mr Hurg and those assicated with him. Haunt would later appear in the Spawn series where he would team up with Jim Downing in helping him take down Curse.Haunt would also later fight Cobra a miltary assassin,Mirage a female assassin,and The Apparation a powerful entity who gave Haunt a hard time.

Powers and Ablilties

Haunt Poessess Superhuman Strength,Speed,Stamina,and Durabilty his suit is similiar to Spawn as it can make tenticales and allows hi to crawl on walls with relfexes.

He has a cast from lifespan due to his powers being from his life force.

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