Don't make light of my nose that can smell leftovers from a mile away.
~ Hawk

Hawk is a talking pig and Meliodas's companion. He is introduced as the custodian of the Boar Hat bar who helps clean up the disgusting food scraps left by customers.

He is voiced by Misaki Kuno in the Japanese version, and by Cristina Valenzuela, who also voices Meiko Mochizuki, Noel Vermillion, Kotori MinamiHomura Akemi and Mio Akiyama in the English version.


Hawk is a relatively large pink pig who wears an ear ring with the words star boar on his left ear.His body is well rounded and his legs are fairly short. His charming point is the clover-shaped birthmark on his rump. His body and appearance is similar to a typical Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig. Like his mother, his ears are shown to be M-shaped.


Hawk is shown to be an easily annoyed pig, as seen when Meliodas lies in jest and does perverted things to Elizabeth, and when Elizabeth is being air headed. He also appears to care a lot for his friends and seems to be a mama's boy, occasionally crying for help for his mom. Hawk tends to have a big ego and is prideful, claiming that he is stronger than the Deadly Sins.

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