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Katar Hol is a DC Comics superhero, the Silver Age, Bronze Age, and current Hawkman.


Katar Hol is a law enforcement agent from the planet Thanagar, who came to Earth (along with his partner and wife Shayera) to study Earth's crimefighting techniques, and they assumed the identities of museum curators Carter and Shiera Hall. They also acted as superheroes (using their Thanagarian uniforms) and became known as Hawkman and Hawkgirl (later renamed Hawkwoman). They soon joined the Justice League, the modern version of the Justice Society, and even met the original Hawks during the League's team-ups with the Society.


  • Flight - Hawkman is able to fly, thanks to his Nth Metal harness that provides him wings.
  • Weapons Expert - He has been shown to use numerous weapons ranging from spears, nets, shields, sword, his trademark mace, etc.
  • Nth Metal Equipment - Hawkman owes his powers to a belt that allows him to defy gravity, grants him; enhanced strength and eyesight, physical regeneration, accelerated healing, temperature regulation. He can mentally control the harness.
  • Intellect - Katar Hol is a brilliant tactician and strong leader, he was also knowledgeable in the fields of history and archaeology, his genius is comparable to Batman's.