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Hayate Immelman

Hayate Immelman is the main protagonist of Macross Delta. He joined Delta Flight, where he developed his signature maneuver, the "Immelman Dance".

Hayate possesses "fold receptors" that not only make him immune to the Var Syndrome, but also enhance his combat abilities when stimulated, which usually happens when his receptors synchronize with Freyja Wion's when she sings.

Hayate's Siegfried unit is colored in a white, blue, and gray scheme and his callsign is "Delta 5"; later in the series, he is reassigned as "Delta 4" and would later be issued a new VF-31J with a blue knight marking on its back. He is nicknamed "Haya-Haya" (ハヤハヤ) by Makina Nakajima.

He is voiced by Yuma Uchida who also voices Kyo Sohma.

Mechas piloted by Hayate Immelman

  • VF-1EX Valkyrie
  • VF-171 Nightmare Plus
  • VF-31J Siegfried


Freyja Wion
Mirage Farina Jenius
Makina Nakajima
Messer Ihlefeld



  • In the July 2016 issue of NewType Magazine, Hayate Immelman was ranked the best male character.

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