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Hayden Romero is a recurring character who appears from season 5 in the MTV drama show, Teen Wolf. She is a new student at Beacon Hills High School who was the former rival-turned-girlfriend of werewolf Liam Dunbar. She is also a genetic Chimera that Theo Raeken will recruit to create his own pack of Chimera designed by the Dread Doctors.

She was portrayed by Victoria Moroles.


Season 5

Before entering BHHS, Hayden got confused with Liam in their old school and continues to hold a grudge against him as Liam is more inclined to move on. She is briefly attacked by Tracy Stewart who suffers the side effects of operations performed on her by the Dread Doctors. Later, she is seen working at the Sinema which is a nightclub and gets angry with Liam because of the money he owes her. After Liam revealed her powers to her, he and Hayden were captured by the Dread Doctors who experimented on her before locking her in a cell with Liam and Zach, another Chimera. They are rescued by Scott McCall and Theo who take them to Deaton's veterinary clinic. But too weakened, Hayden dies of her injuries and Jordan Parrish, in Hellhound form, transports her body to the Nemeton. Later, she is revived alongside Corey, Josh and Tracy by Theo who claims he is their Alpha now.

However, she didn't like the way he treated them like his pawns and eventually joined Scott's Pack. At the end of the season, she is badly injured by the Beast of Gevaudan and Scott gives her the Bite and she becomes a Beta werewolf.

Season 6

In season 6, Hayden and Liam are dating and at the start of the season they meet Alex, a young boy who has lost his parents. Then, with Liam and Mason, she investigates the mysterious events during which people disappear. Together, they understand that it's the Ghost Riders who are wiping out real-life people, and they enlist the help of Professor Garrett Douglas in stopping them. However, Douglas wants to build his own army of Ghost Riders and so Hayden and his friends try to defeat him.

On the other hand, Hayden ends up being erased under Liam's eyes just after Mason. With the latter, she finds herself in the ghost station and finds Corey connected to wires and who serves as terminus announcer. They manage to free him and return to Beacon Hills following Douglas's defeat. In Season 6B, Liam mentions that Hayden broke her relationship with him and that she left Beacon Hills with her sister in order to protect her from the supernatural.


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