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Grymph's don't save lives, we take 'em!
~ Hazel to Dave

Hazel is a Grymph, Leah's mother, and one of the two tritagonists in the 2015 animated film, All Creatures Big and Small (Originally titled Oops! Noah is Gone... and titled Two by Two in the UK) and the 2020 sequel, Oops! The Adventure Continues.

She is voiced by Tara Flynn.


Hazel is a Grymph, a wolf-like creature that is strong and powerful. She is both protective and serious toward her daughter Leah, trying to teach her how to live independently. When Leah is left behind by accident during the Great Flood, she and Dave the Nestrian team up to rescue Finny and Leah, and learn that teamwork is more helpful than being alone.


Like the other Grumphs, Hazel is naturally fierce and aggressive, especially towards prey or those just smaller than her. She once had no respect for the Nestrians and was even insulted by their grotesque imitation attempt, but after being forced to join Dave in finding their children, she gradually began to soften.

Although she did not show much in the beginning, Hazel cares about Leah more than anything, being strict with her only so that she can cope later but when her daughter is gone, Hazel wants more than anything to find her.

After Finny saved her life as well as Leah during the griffin attack, Hazel thanked the young Nestrian by giving him a big hug.


Leah is a bulky Grymph with hazel eyes, black fur with brown stripes, and a dark grey underbelly. The main difference between her and Leah are the formation of the stripes and their eye color (Leah has green eyes).


All Creatures Big and Small

After attending the animal meeting regarding the Flood, Hazel is checked into the ark as she expected due to being a Grymp. When she briefly discusses it with her daughter, she growls at Dave watching them after he himself was refused on the ark. The next day as the Grymps line up to board, Hazel disapproves of Leah keeping company with other Grymps since they are lonely. Dave and Finny suddenly join the mother and daughter, themselves disguised as Grymps to climb the ark. Hazel is not amused by what she describes as a bad joke and tries to expose the scam to no avail. Allowed on board, the "family" is guided to his cabin by a chimpanzee and Dave tries to thank Hazel for the "help" but that only annoys the Grymp who then grabs the Nestrian by the throat, clarifying that the Grymps do not save but take lives. She reluctantly stops when Dave recalls the ban on carnivores preying on herbivores. Arriving at the cabin, Hazel continues to be exasperated by Dave's caring side, not noticing that Leah has gone his own way.

In the evening, Hazel expresses her exasperation for Leah's disobedience while Dave is throwing up. The chimpanzee comes to see them claiming to have found their children, just to bring back only baby hippos. Feeling offended at being mistaken for a hippopotamus, Dave begins to scandalize and drops his costume. The deception revealed, Hazel and Dave are locked up by the Captain Lion in the bilge, despite their pleading to find their children. Blaming Dave for their situation, Hazel begins to strangle him in anger until the Nestrian convinces her that they must work together to get out and find Finny and Leah. Hazel gives in but advises Dave to quickly find a solution because she is getting hungry.

Later, Hazel tries to get through the woods but Dave advises her against it as they are underwater. The two then begin to make their own plans to reach the captain's cabin, with Dave preferring diplomacy and Hazel the hard way. In the end, they pretend to be the prey and the predator to fool the gorilla and lock him in their places. Helped by a map of the boat, they reach the door of the cabin and Hazel still refuses to follow Dave's peaceful idea and orders him in a somewhat demeaning tone to do nothing because he is only a little Nestrian. Stung, Dave enters the cabin in an attempt to talk to the captain, only for Hazel to save him from being eaten by the lion by knocking him out from behind. Now in control of the helm, Hope as well as Hazel and Dave's relationship begin to improve.

The following night, Hazel begins to cry, regretting that she was so hard on her daughter just because she wanted her to be able to hold her own in life. Dave comforts her on this and Hazel notes that it glows in the dark. The next day, the whole mountain ended up under the waves, worrying the duo until they spotted blue smoke coming from Finny on a piece of ice. Unfortunately, the lion wakes up and tries to regain control of the ark by force, almost killing Hazel without the intervention of Dave who suffocates the arrogant feline with his gas. The duo then head down the boat. Hazel retrieves Leah as Finny sinks into the water, prompting the Grymps and Dave to attempt to rescue him. Fortunately, it turns out that Nestrians can breathe underwater. The Griffins suddenly attack and overpower the Grymps until Finny lures them away where they are swallowed by Obesey.

Bringing back on the ark, the parents happily reunite with the respective children. Hazel then approaches Finny at first with an angry look and calling him a Nestrian scoundrel but ultimately thanks him for saving her life, along with a hug Finny.

Oops! The Adventure Continues

Hazel is first seen at the gathering of the animals where Leonardo talks about his plan to send a dove found land before an elephant breathes one of the bird's feathers, leading to a series of falls and sent in the air.

Later, Hazel gives Dave a hand with the supplies, suspecting that Dave is not being very honest about the food stocks when she asks him for the key to the reserve. As they sit down to dinner, Hazel and Dave reluctantly eat the filthy mixture they serve to the others to avoid any animal problems until Finny and Leah devastate the dining table after a hang gliding crash.

Outside, the two adults berate their kids for their continued irresponsibility and Hazel decides that punishment is needed. Seeing that Dave is too soft to impose a real punishment, Hazel orders Finny and Leah to the observation tower until an earth is in sight, so she can keep an eye out for the rascals. They claim it's not fair play but Hazel clarifies that if they want to be treated like adults then they have to start doing it.

In the evening, Hazel goes to the reserve with Dave only to find that there is barely enough food left for a few days. Dave then commits the clumsiness of dropping a barrel which hits the stocks and knocks them overboard. With this fiasco, Hazel forbids Dave to tell about what just happened, especially not to the children because the last thing she would want is for them to be worried, unaware that they had to dodge their punishment for themselves. slip into the food chamber and were swept away with the stocks that fell overboard when Dave messed up everything.

In the early morning, the two adults give food to the children, not seeing that they have put dummies in their places to fool their parents, leaving Hazel to believe that discipline can keep them out of trouble. With their other problem remaining, Hazel and Dave continue to pretend nothing has happened, still serving the mixture hoping no one knows anything. The next night, Hazel realizes the kids might be in danger with the storm outside, so she and Dave rush off to check the tower just for a lightning bolt to strike and set it on fire. At first distressed, Hazel discovers the models, leading the duo to be briefly relieved until they realize that Finny and Leah are missing, again.

The next day, Hazel is joined by Dave in the reserve when she has just discovered traces of Leah's claws left on the edge, making her understand that the children have fallen with the food. As if the situation couldn't get worse, the other animals who came to express their displeasure at the poor service in the canteen find out the truth. Blamed, Hazel and Dave get tied up and brought to the board by the angry animals. Dave tries to spit out a toxic cloud at them but following his unsuccessful attempt, Hazel decides to sort it out on her own terms so she begins to growl until she spots an island on the other end of the horizon. The animals retreat with joy at this discovery, leaving Hazel and Dave almost to fall into the water but the Grymp ​​grabs hold of the wood in time. Dave asks her about the possibility that the children are on the island and Hazel tells him that they will find out.

Landed, the duo discovers the rest of Finny and Leah's raft before plunging further into the forest where arrived at a water point, they meet the new friend of the children, Gelly the jellyfish who indicates to them a right rock. at the moment when two Nestrians guards come out of it. Dave suggests talking with his fellows but learning from Gelly that they have taken Leah prisoner, Hazel decides to do things the Grymp ​​way.

Entering the secret Nestrian colony with the uniforms stolen from the guards, Hazel and Dave in disguise meet Leah and Finny who have just escaped. Not recognizing their parents, the kids flee in the opposite direction to be cornered by Chief Clyde and two other guards. Hazel and Dave then pretend to take their children to the storage room to better exit discreetly. When Finny notices they're not going to the storage room, Leah demands to know where they're taken by treating the buttface duo, just for Hazel to reveal herself by responding to her daughter to watch her language. Reunited, the group advances towards the exit but its blocked on both sides by the guards and Patch. When Leah's attempt to warn the nestrians about the volcano falls on deaf ears, Hazel in turn tries to convince the local nestrians that the animals on the ark have learned to live together but Patch refuses to listen. Diplomacy failed, Hazel and Leah cut the ropes of the bridge to bring down the guards at the other end as the four individuals rise to the surface.

Joining the animals landed on the shore, they discover with horror that the arch has been dismantled to make jacuzzi, a bar and a useless game room. The volcano suddenly erupts, causing panic among both the Nestrians and the animals in the ark. Eventually, the two groups of animals end up joining forces to repair the ark before it's too late. When apparently no one is left on the ground, Leah warns her mother and Dave that Finny has returned to the colony to look for Patch. After seeing a confetti throw that can only come from Finny, Hazel and Dave rush to her rescue but Hazel forbids Leah to come because she considers it too dangerous for her daughter. The Grymp and the Nestrian advance as much as they can through the burning, lava-dripping forest until they see Finny, Patch, Gelly and Leah on the hang-glider and returning to the ark. The duo in turn hurry back to the boat, narrowly dodging the volcanic fallout and once on board, the ark is propelled by the toxic clouds of the nestrians before the island explodes. The danger past, Hazel and Dave reunite with their children before Gelly electrocutes them just wanting to give a group hug.

A few days later, as the ark has become much more livable with the help of the nestrians, Hazel and Dave praise Finny and Leah for behaving like grow-ups but become confused when their children say they preferred to stay children because of the pressure that entails.


  • It is possible Hazel is named after her hazel-colored eyes