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Grymph's don't save lives, we take 'em!
~ Hazel to Dave

Hazel is a Grymph, Leah's mother, and one of the two tritagonists in the 2015 animated film, All Creatures Big and Small (Originally titled Oops! Noah is Gone... and titled Two by Two in the UK).

She is voiced by Tara Flynn.


Hazel is a Grymph, a wolf-like creature that is strong and powerful. She is both protective and serious toward her daughter Leah, trying to teach her how to live independently. When Leah is left behind by accident during the Great Flood, she and Dave the Nestrian team up to rescue Finny and Leah, and learn that teamwork is more helpful than being alone.


Like the other Grumphs, Hazel is naturally fierce and aggressive, especially towards prey or those just smaller than her. She once had no respect for the Nestrians and was even insulted by their grotesque imitation attempt, but after being forced to join Dave in finding their children, she gradually began to soften.

Although she did not show much in the beginning, Hazel cares about Leah more than anything, being strict with her only so that she can cope later but when her daughter is gone, Hazel wants more than anything to find her.

After Finny saved her life as well as Leah during the griffin attack, Hazel thanked the young Nestrian by giving him a big hug.


Leah is a bulky Grymph with hazel eyes, black fur with brown stripes, and a dark grey underbelly. The main difference between her and Leah are the formation of the stripes and their eye color (Leah has green eyes).




  • It is possible Hazel is named after her hazel-colored eyes


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