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Hazmat Hero, also known as Toxic, is the main protagonist of Toxic series of browser games by Nitrome.


Hazmat Hero is always seen wearing a yellow Hazmat suit except for two cutscenes in which he's shown to be a bald and grey-skinned person. The suit has a radioactivity symbol on its chest. He appears to be at least 20–30 years old. In the first game he has a white outline, a feature common in older games and absent in Toxic 2.


The first game, simply titled Toxic begins with Hazmat Hero in a robot factory, trying to potentially escape it. He does eventually succeed in this goal after finding a red teleporter which he uses to teleport himself out of the factory before it explodes.

In Toxic 2, Hazmat Hero discovers the robots have invaded a world and created another factory which he proceeds to infiltrate via a blue teleporter. Entering unseen, he uses a bomb to hack an AI who then starts helping him out with his goal. As Hazmat Hero progresses with the AI's assistance, he comes across a Bigfoot robot which destroys. He eventually encounters a character known as Mother. The two enter a battle, with Mother firing laser and rockets and making debris fall. Despite this, Hazmat Hero manages to destroy Mother and the factory. As he watches a seemingly endless ocean of acid that has formed around him, another Bigfoot robot lands around him. A new battle subsequently ensues.

Other appearances

  • Rubble Trouble Moscow - On level 7, acid containers with Hazmat Hero's face on them appear. According to the boss, they were placed there by some "disgruntled Nitrome character" (probably Hazmat Hero). Destroying them costs player money.
  • Horror skin - Hazmat Hero appears as a zombie.
  • Factory skin - Armless metal version of Hazmat Hero's suit can be seen.
  • Nitrome 2.0 - A truck with the colours and appearance of Hazmat Hero is featured in this skin, holding a giant sample which is leaking acid or toxic waste into the water.


  • Hazmat Hero, Ribbit and Takeshi are the only characters who can wall jump.
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