290px-Head Rush Promo
Taking Charge!
~ Head Rush's official catchphrase
Head Rush is an elf-like viking in Skylanders: Trap Team. She is voiced by Audrey Wasilewski who also voices Stealth Elf.



Head Rush was raised in a small village that had fallen under the spell of a powerful Harvest Sphinx, who forced the frightened villagers to plow the vast fields of golden grass for his own benefit. Although there were many villagers, no individual was brave enough to confront the Sphinx and put an end to its rule. But Head Rush believed there was a chance to fight back if she could somehow inspire her people to stand together. Charging through her village, Head Rush shouted a mighty yodel that woke the villagers from their spell! With the village behind her, she then led the charge to drive the Sphinx from the island for good. For her leadership and bravery, she was made part of the Trap Team, where she uses her giant Traptanium horns to take charge of evil!


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