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Headdy is the main protagonist of the SEGA videogame Dynamite Headdy


Headdy has no neck, his head floats from his body, his skin is yellow, his clothes are orange, he has a white bow with a green point, he also has a white feather on his head


When Headdy was doing a play, his play was ruined when Evil Dark Demon and his minions captured everyone including him, Headdy managed to escape along with 4 prisoners, he managed to escape, Headdy met his rival, Trouble Bruin, who He had chased enough time, after defeating him, he went to rescue all the puppet town residents, but first he went to a training sequence to improve his skills, after training, he went to the rescue of the residents, then he found himself again with Trouble Bruin, but in his second form, so that after he was crushed by Mad Dog, a giant robot dog, after defeating Mad Dog, a girl appears in front of Headdy, his name was Heather, who when he saw her fell in love instantly , she took the key that Mad Dog had, then Headdy went to a cave where he met Trouble Bruin in his third form, Trouble Bruin grabbed Headdy to drag him to defeat him, but headdy managed to defeat Trouble Bruin

Temporary Abilities

  • Barrirer Head: can create a barrier of fire circles that protects it
  • Bomb Head: He can defeat every enemies in the screen
  • Dash Head: headdy can shoot his head in long distance
  • Empty Head: Headdy can turn temporarily invisible
  • Hammer Head: His head turn into iron who can damange enemies faster
  • Pin Head: Headdy turn into smaller to move to small places and dodge attacks
  • Pig Head: His head turn into a pig one who shoot stars in his nose
  • Snooze Head: He sleep to recover energy
  • Spike Head: His head turn into a purple ball with spikes who can climp walls
  • Ticker Head: His head turn into orange with numbers in his eyes who can stop the time
  • Tri-Head: He can shoot three heads with one
  • Vaccuum Head: His head turn into green who can vacuum everything on the screen
  • War Head: He can shoots small orange stars from his head
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