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Heath is a main character first encountered in Issue 69 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and is a supply runner and resident living in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Though he at first is untrustworthy of Rick's group, he eventually warms up to them, forming a strong bond with Glenn Rhee in particular. Heath also develops a relationship with Dr. Denise Cloyd. During the All Out War against Negan, Heath has his leg blown off when a grenade is thrown into Alexandria. Denise, who was bitten by a zombified Holly, sacrifices her own life to save his. As of now, Heath is a member of Dwight's militia as they prepare for war with the Whisperers.

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Heath is a character and a survivor in "The Walking Dead", making his first appearance during Season 6. He is played by Corey Hawkins. He serves as a supporting protagonist from Season 6 onward. Much like his comic counterpart, Heath is untrustworthy of Rick's group as he thinks the Alexandrians are capable of handling threats outside of the community. He eventually has a change of heart when he watches many of his friends get torn apart before his eyes. Later on, Heath participates in the raid on the Savior compound, which proves to be harsh for him and Glenn as neither of them have ever taken a human life. After the raid, Heath leaves the compound to go on a run with Tara, bidding farewell to Glenn before departing.

Heath will return in Season 7.


TV Series

Season 6

  • 6x01: "First Time Again"
  • 6x03: "Thank You"
  • 6x09: "No Way Out"
  • 6x12: "Not Tomorrow Yet"

Season 7

  • 7x06: "Swear" (Flashback)

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Heath at the Walking Dead wiki


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