Heath Slater (AKA Heath Miller) is an American Professional Wrestler whom is currently signed into the WWE. He was a contestant in the first
season of NXT, finishing in fourth place. He is a three time WWE Tag Team Champion. All three of his tag title reigns have been with Justin Gabriel, whom he worked with while with The Nexus & The Corre. Most of his career, Slater had been a heel, but in the first season of NXT, He had been a face. He has occasionally showed face tactics like in the June 16th 2014 & November 17, 2014 Edition of Raw when he stood up for USA against Rusev and in the August 4th 2014 edition of Raw where he beat Seth Rollins. Throughout his career, Slater had been in Several Alliances. such as the Nexus, the Corre, 3MB, Slater Gator, and the Social Outcasts. Slater is currently in a tag team with Rhyno as the current SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions. Slater began a slow face turn in 2016 which began with him being undrafted at the WWE Draft. throughout the next few weeks, Slater would continue to nag mainly the SmackDown Live GMs, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, about not having a contract on either brand. In order to prove his worthiness of a brand contract, Slater would go on to confront the likes of Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, his former 3MB cohort Jinder Mahal, and Rhyno (who would eventually become his tag team partner).

After aligning himself with Rhyno, Slater turned face. Slater & Rhyno participated in the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship Tournament and faced The Usos in the final round at the 2016 Backlash event which was won by Slater & Rhyno. and not only would Slater win the Tag Team Titles, but also a contract to be apart of the SmackDown Live roster.

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