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People have a strong image of hell as this place where people who've done bad things go when they die, but it's not really any kind of prison-like rehabilitation facility.
~ Hecatia Lapislazuli

Hecatia Lapislazuli is the Extra boss of Touhou 15 LoLK. An omniscient 'Goddess of Hell', she is seemingly based on the Ancient Greek mythological and religious figure, Hecate. 


Hecatia has ruby red hair and eyes and being quite modern-looking, she has a colourful skirt and a shirt written "Welcome ♥ Hell" on it and she's usually seen barefoot.

Her collar attaches gold chains which connect to her three orbs representing the Earth, Sun and Moon, which are also what her three physical forms are based on design-wise.


Eiki Shiki Yamaxanadu describes her as "eccentric", although she states she has yet to meet her personally.

However, during the interview in Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia with Aya Shameimaru , Hecatia seems quite intelligent and polite. Also, ZUN states she's far more powerful than Yukari Yakumo, being a queen of Hell.

In that same article, when Aya asked her "And did the residents of Hell just accept this?" (when referring to the Yama and Kishin wishing to restore Hell to its former glory), she replied saying "Hmm. Some people are bothered by it, and others aren't. I'm with the latter group, by the way.". She then goes to talk on about how others believe about Hell.


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