Hector the Big Truck


Hector is a black truck hopper in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. He used to be horrid and an antagonist, but he becomes a good friend to Thomas and his friends, and became a protagonist. He also became friends with James


Hector first appeared in Hector the Horrid!, and was the (former) false main antagonist of the episode because he is horrid, but he later reforms in the end of the episode and becomes a protagonist. When he reformed, he is no longer consirded as an antagonist.


Hector is horrid, mean, rude, arrogant, bossy, cranky and angry, but he later became nice, caring, kind, happy and friendly and is not horrid anymore, and became a good friend to Thomas and his friends.


  • Hector's angry, arrogant and mean attitude made him a false antagonist, but he was never a true villain. He is more of an anti-hero than an antagonist.
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