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When it comes to havoc, nobody wreaks like me!!
~ Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
Curse you, Perry the Platypus!!
~ Dr. Doofenshmirtz's catchphrase, spoken once defeated.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is the main antagonist and anti-hero of the Disney Channel animated series Phineas and Ferb, a supporting character in Milo Murphy's Law and the arch-nemesis of Perry the Platypus.

Though he is the main antagonist of the show, Doofenshmirtz is actually put in the situation to add comedic tensions. He has several quirks in the series: whenever Perry breaks into his base, he says something sarcastic, such as "Perry the Platypus, how completely unexpected, and by 'unexpected' I mean 'completely expected'!". On one occasion he actually makes up a word to counteract this while meeting Perry, "Perry the Platypus, how completely unpredictable, and by 'unpredictable' I mean… 'dictable'." Another notable quirk is his tendency to put the "-inator" suffix at the end of names for his evil creations.

Despite the fact that he is the main antagonist of the show, Doofenshmirtz plays an anti-heroic role at times. He helped Phineas and Ferb and the Resistance defend the Tri-State Area from his 2nd Dimension counterpart as well as Danville from the Red Skull, MODOK, Venom and Whiplash. One of his most redeeming qualities is his genuine love for his daughter, Vanessa, to the point where he travelled all over the world with Major Monogram and Perry to get her back. Aside from this, Doofenshmirtz is completely oblivious to most things despite being a scientist. He has virtually no perception of Perry without his hat, even when his 2nd Dimension counterpart makes it completely clear to him, and is incredibly ignorant to the fact that his daughter tries to reveal his evil nature to his ex-wife. Milo Murphy’s Law reveals him to be none other than the legendary hero and founder of time travel, Professor Time.

He is voiced by Dan Povenmire, who is also one of the co-creators of the series. In the Japanese dub from the series, he is voiced by Yohei Tadano.


Despite being the source of all evil in the Tri-State Area, Doofenschmirtz can actually go from being a truly ruthless meglomaniac to an actually bumbling and jovial person. Though he does possess streaks of actual villainy for the best part he is actually incompetent, naive and overly dramatic. He also possesses a heavily Germanised accent and tends to speak over the top which he thinks makes him appear sinister and manical but in reality just goofy and eccentric. Doofenshmirtz gets easily envious of his successful brother, Roger who is the mayor of the Tri-State Area and has a tendency to always place the suffix "-inator" at the end of his creations however on one occasion he named his creation, Shrinkspheria as believed the inator was "done to death" and in one episode actually came to the conclusion that him placing "inator" on his evil creations was the cause of the his constant failure so he counteracted this by naming his invention "non-inator".

Over time, Doofenshmirtz has begun acting more out of love for routine rather than actual evil lust something which his nemesis, Parry the Platypus respects and follows. He was clearly hurt when his new nemesis, Peter the Panda sabotaged his inator while he was having a flashback and actually gave Perry's replacement (a rhino) a chance to foil him, claiming "this was more fun with Perry the Platypus" showing despite the fact he receives constant pain from the latter, showing on some levels he enjoys their dynamic routine. It's also revealed despite the face he constantly traps Perry the Platypus, they were designed so that he escape on time.

Doofenshmirtz is also hard to place. While he is goofy, eccentric and bumbling there are occasions when he is an actual mad scientist at heart; conniving, sneaky, a truly diabolical planner and hell-bent on the domination of the Tri-State Area. He also tends to act out of spite for his miserable life other than simple power lust. He was prepared to destroy the entire Tri-State Area's collection of gnomes out of petty vengeance for him being forced to be the garden gnome as a child and actually destroyed Christmas for the entire city of Danville simply because he was annoyed with carollers. He also doesn't set his megalomanical standards high, other than the Tri-City Area. Other than this he was genuinely disgusted by his apprentice, Rodrigo's ambition to conquer the world, claiming it was "left-boot crazy".

Despite his bumbling nature, Doofenshmirtz is actually a mechanical genius, able to create countless evil inventions as well his own AI, Norm whom he constantly abuses. There are rare moments when Doofenshmirtz does genuine evil deeds but normally does them for ridiculous reasons such as attempting to destroy the moon becuase he believed there would be "no more stupid camp songs about the moon" and on this regard he also doesn't think on the larger scale of things, being normally quite rash and impulsive; not thinking blowing up the moon would actually destroy the Earth, simply because he wanted to impress his professor. On another note he attempted to drill through the Earth and reach China, ignoring the fact there was magma at the centre of the Earth.

He is also poorly romantic, his marriage with ex-wife, Charlene fell apart completely as well she constantly sends him alimony cheques (which he uses to fund his evil innovations) and Charlene is completely oblivious to her ex-husband's evil and maniacal nature. They have a steady and tactile relationship, to this day. On one occasion he actually created a device that would eradicate love from Earth however on the same day he had a date whom he fell head over heals for because of their shared interest: evil. However near the end of their date, his anti-love ray ends up zapping her, making her feel nothing for him whatsoever. The only person Doofenshmirtz's shows any care for is his daughter, Vanessa.

Overall Doofenshmirtz remains an embittered, emotionally crippled little boy from the trauma of his childhood (which he uses as an excuse to fuel his evil actions). He was neglected by his parents, overshadowed by his more successful and talented brother and was made a social recluse. Some of Doofenshmirtz's notable backstories is when he won a balloon which he deemed Balloon-y and became his best friend until one day he floated away, forced to be the garden gnome when his family was forced to sell their collection, being forced to wear dresses by his parents as they expected Roger to be a girl and his beloved childhood toy being given to his brother after he just gave it to his mother.

Doofenshmirtz has a dynamic relationship with his nemesis, Perry the Platypus. Though it's been established they are hated rivals, they actually have a frenemy relationship. An example is when Doofenshmirtz replaced Perry with Peter the Panda and the platypus walked in on their battle he was clearly ashamed and attempted hide it like a husband would do if he was caught cheating. Perry himself was clearly depressed that he had been replaced and Doofenshmirtz gave a very heartfelt apology for doing so. Perry and Doofenshmirtz are on a friendly basis, capable of having formal tea together, picking each other up when they are down and even work together at times.

Doofenshmirtz is also a musical buff, normally breaking out in spontaneous song ignoring the fact he doesn't have the best singing voice. He also fawns over his favourite band, Love Händel, normally featuring them in his flashbacks and created his own jingle (which he never finished).


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