Hekapoo is a supporting protagonist in the Disney XD show, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is demonic-looking humanoid that is the forger of the dimensional scissors and is a member of the Magic High Commission.


Hekapoo is a demonic humanoid with red hair and yellow lightning bolt-shaped horns on her head. She wears a yellow and red orange dress and a tiara that spouts a flame on the top.


Hekapoo first appears in the episode "Page Turner" were she puts Rhombulus in time-out for arguing with Glossaryck.

Hekapoo has a more prominent role in the episode "Running with Scissors", were she challenges Marco Diaz in getting the real scissors back from her by blowing out the flame in her tiara from each of her clones. Even though it takes a bunch of months, Marco is able to blow the flame from the real Hekapoo's tiara and receive the scissors back.

She later appears in "Face the Music" were she watches Star Butterfly's concert with the other Magic Commission members, and is visibly shocked and angered when Rubeliot's lyrics reveal the truth about the Butterfly family. Hekapoo later argues with Queen Butterfly at the end of the episode.

She appears again in the Season 2 finale episode, "Starcrushed" were she assists Queen Butterfly and the other Commission members in retrieving Glossaryck from Ludo, only to discover that he is possesed by Toffee. She attempts to fend off Toffee, but the latter manages to overpower her and the other Commission members and absorb their energy. Hekapoo's body is later retreived by Queen Butterfly and taken to a nearby portal in the end of the episode.

As of the episode, "Toffee", Hekapoo is revived alongside Rhombulus and Omnitraxus Prime after Star's magic was used when she got the last remaining magic from a unicorn.

Later in the episode, "Night Life", Marco and Hekapoo are tasked with sealing away various interdimensional monsters with their magic scissors. Hekapoo then tells Marco that she hired a hitman named Talon Raventalon to kill the mysterious creature that is creating the mysterious portals. Hekapoo then realizes it is Star Butterfly in her Mewnian form and stops Talon from killing her. She is then angered by Marco for not telling her sooner and threatens to report this incident to the rest of the Commission as a way to detain Star. However, Marco is able to use his adult voice to convince Hekapoo to not go through with it. Afterwards, she drives off on Nachos the dragon-cycle and states that they are never working together again as she drives off into the sunset.

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