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Hero Overview

Heki is a central supporting character in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He is a General for the State of Qin and the leader of the Heki Army during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.


Heki is a man around his mid to late 20s. wore the standard armor of the Qin Military with his personal clothing underneath and while he was initially clean shaven, he starts growing out his facial hair after fighting through and surviving Sei Kyou's Rebellion. Later as a 1000-man commander he added on a red cape and start wearing a helmet while on the battlefield to which he discarded during the Sanyou Campaign but wore again as a 3000-man commander and briefly after becoming a general but later discarded it again.



Possess undying loyal to Shou Bun Kun and his king, Ei Sei. He also seems pretty knowledgeable and is the one to tell the group about the Horse & Liquor Force, He is very caring and looks out for Shin as a little brother, and also cares about all of his troops.


Born the first son of the Heki Family, a noble family of the warrior caste for the state of Qin, Heki was raised in the capital city of Kanyou. At some point during this period, he met and befriend a fellow noble named Shou Kaku, who would become one of his closest friends. Later, as he begins his military career, he would rise through the ranks of the Qin military with his talents in writing and proficiency in martial arts as he became of one Shou Bun Kun's most trusted vassals and a lieutenant in his personal army. Heki was also present with his lord when they escorted an 8-year-old Ei Sei to the state of Qin's royal capital after he was smuggling out the enemy state of Zhao. 6 years later, Heki would make his first official appearance when his lord, Shou Bun Kun and the young king, Ei Sei regrouped after the first wave of attacks during the rebellion that was being orchestrated by Sei Kyou and the Ketsu Faction...

Powers and Abilities

Endurance and Durability:

Fighting Style

Miscellaneous Abilities


  • Lack of Explosive Power:
  • Average Fighting Prowess:
  • Weak Mentality:


  • He has a crush on Yo Tan Wa since he first saw her.
  • Besides his lord and master Shou Bun Kun, Heki sweats almost constantly whenever he's stressed.



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