Once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.
~ Helena to Laurel Lance.

Helena Bertinelli, known as Huntress, is a recurring villain/anti-hero in the live action television show Arrow.

She is portrayed by Jessica De Gouw.

She is a supporting antagonist in Season 1 and a minor antagonist-turned-protagonist in the second season of Arrow. In contrast to the mainstream Helena Bertinelli, who though violent, cynical, and bitter is ultimately still prone to acts of heroism and made serious attempts to better herself, Huntress in Arrow is shown to be a brutal, merciless and psychotic, yet remorseful, individual, who is even more violent than her mainstream counterpart and is even willing to endanger and hurt innocents in the name of her vendetta.


Early life

Helena is the daughter of crime boss Frank Bertinelli, and previously dated Oliver Queen in her youth. She eventually met and fell in love with Michael Stanton, and the two were engaged when she wanted to her father in. When Frank discovered evidence collected, he mistook it that Michael had done so, but it was actually Helena. Michael was killed by Frank, causing Helena to take her anger and grief to become a trained assassin.

Going to Sicily, she joined the La Morte Sussurrata, an organization that would kill targets. After sleeping with most members, she was able to become a member, and was trained in the art of fighting. She decided to use her skills to hunt down her father's gang, killing each member one by one until she killed her father.

The Arrow



  • She was initially suppose to return in an episode of the season three, but it was rejected.

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