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Drago! You're the Ultimate Bakugan, you're the number one!
~ Helios to Drago during his redemption and his defeat.
Who is this old fool to think a little bit of fire could stop me? Let's punish him for his arrogance, Spectra!
~ Helios during the final battle.
Choke on this!
~ Helios' catchphrase/battle cry.

Helios is a villain-turned-hero who appeared in Bakugan: New Vestroia and Bakugan Mechtanium Surge, he started as an antagonist but after he was defeated by Drago he decides to join to the Resistance Brawlers, accepted Drago as the Ultimate Bakugan and becomes a hero to do good things such as helped Drago to defeat Mag Mel and Razenoid. He is one of the supporting characters from Bakugan Mechtanium Surge. He is voiced by Rob Tinkler in the season 2 and currently by Andrew Jackson in the season 4.

Appearence and role

Before he became an Darkus Bakugan, Helios was a Pyrus Bakugan which he plays an bigger role in the season 2.

Helios started as a cruel dragon which was responsable for capturing Tigrerra, but after Drago saves the Bakugans and becomes the Ultimate Bakugan, Helios turns nice and decides to join the battle brawlers after he reforms along with Spectra Phantom who reunites with Mira Fermin.

Despite being an cruel dragon, Helios is a nice dragon which he becomes friend with Drago and helped him and their friends to save the world from King Zenoheld and his Alternative Weapon System. After King Zenoheld and Prince Hydron's death, Helios decides to spend the time with the Battle Brawlers and vows to meet Drago again to help him to protect the Earth from disaster.

In the season 4, Helios becomes an Darkus Bakugan during his evolution, he manages to foil the Chaos Bakugans who wreak havoc in the Bakugan Interspace. Helios later helps Drago to defeat the Mechtogan clones by mutating together to become unstoppable.

Helios helps his friend Vulucan to stop the Mechtogan clones from causing some serious damage on Earth. After Mag Mel and Razenoid's deaths. Helios and Vulcan was seen congratulating Drago for saving the Earth.


Helios is first seen battling Baron as Viper Helios, beating Nemus and Blade Tigererra easily. Viper Helios then takes Blade Tigrerra to Prince Hydron, where she becomes a statue. Viper Helios is later shown in a flashback where he beats a Pryas Soris with little effort.

In another flashback, he battles Gus Grav and his Vulcan. Viper Helios wins by using Omega on Vulcan, with this battle being the cause for Gus to join Spectra.

After Vuclan loses to Ingram, Spectra sends out Viper Helios to assist Hyper Dragonoid in fighting Drago and Ingram. Here, Viper Helios beats Shun's Hylash before he fights Drago head on. Eventually, he loses due to Drago's perfect core ability strike Dragon.

Drago and Viper Helios later have a rematch on Earth in a stadium. Viper Helios beats Drago in the first round and Drago wins the second round. In the final round, Metalfencer combines with Helios, causing him to gain power. With this and a illegal card, Viper Helios wins and Drago is kidnapped by Spectra Phantom.



  • Him and Hydranoid are similar with the fact they are both Dragos power hungry rivals who turn good in the end.


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