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Helios was the greek sun god before the birth of Apollo. He pulled the sun across the sky with his golden chariot and firey steeds. Helios had two sisters Eos goddess of the dawn and Selene goddess of the moon. Like Apollo Helios was loved by many women. Helios and his sisters Selene and Eos remained natural during the titan war.


Helios a minor deity in Greek mythology who was god of the sun. After the birth of Apollo Helios gave the job to him. When Demeter's daughter disappeared he was one of the deities that looked for her. Using his powers he learned that Hades kidnapped Persephone with the help of Zeus her father and told Demeter. One of the most famous stories of Helios is about his son Phaethon who wanted to fly the chariot. He decided to let him try and his son lost control of the horses Zeus killed Phaethon for the accident he coused. Helois mourned for his son. The Heliades daughters of Helios grieved over his death standing around the body the other gods turned them into trees.

There is a story about Helios seeing Aphrodite chatting on Hephaestus with Ares he tells Hephaestus. He makes a chain net and uses it to bring Aphrodite and Ares to Zeus and the gods for punishment. Instead of punishing them Zeus and the gods made Hephaestus and Helios release them.

When Odysseus and his men were sailing back to Greece after the Trojan war they landed on Thrinacia an island that belonged to Helios and stole his sacred cattle. Upset Helios went to Zeus and begged him to punish them for their actions Zeus sinks the ships and killed the crew but let Odysseus live.

During the giant war Helios cattle were stolen by giants he also help rescue Hephaestus.

Not only is Helios the brother of Selene and Eos but just like how Apollo and Artemis are twins Helios, Selene and Eos are triplets. Casanova, ladies man, sun god, father of many children are some of the similarities between the two deities one of the other things is being triplets and twins.

Helios Possessions

  • Armor
  • Sword
  • Chariot pulled by fiery steeds
  • Bow & Arrows,
  • Shield



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