Tabitha Grace, better known as Hello Nurse is a character in Animaniacs. Yakko and Wakko are obsessed with her and constantly try to get noticed by her.

She was voiced by Tress MacNeille who also voiced Dot, Babs Bunny, Daisy Duck, Chip, Lindsey Naegle, Cookie Kwan, Anastasia Tremaine, Gadget Hackwrench etc.


Hello Nurse's apparel consists of a small white nurse's cap and a white form-fitting dress, along with white-bowed high heels. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears purple eye-shadow. Hello Nurse's appearance almost always prompts Wakko and Yakko into exclaiming "Hellooooooo, nurse!" (one of the show's well-known lines) and jumping into her arms. They will also call out her name if they see a beautiful woman as shown in several episodes (they did call out to an overweight woman once in "Hello Nice Warners" although it was instead "Hellooo, large nurse!"). Dot does likewise when an attractive man enters the picture. (Dot usually says "Hellooooo, nurse!" or as seen in Jokahontas, "Hellooooo, Mel!") Like an actress, she is used in other episodes as needed.


Hello Nurse is loyal and intelligent. Aside from her beauty, Hello Nurse is supposedly an outright genius; in the song about her it states several of her rather prestigious accomplishments (although parts of it may be untrue, since the Warners were hit by lightning after they stated they would be if they were lying). She states in Wakko's Wish that she has a "mean IQ of 192" (Helloooo, Brain!). In later characterizations, she thinks that she is respected only for her looks and not her mind. However, in a song about her, both Wakko and Yakko seem to show that they greatly respect her for her mind, but also love her for her looks quite a lot too. She, like everybody else, sometimes finds the Warners annoying but mostly recognizes them as genuinely sweet kids. In the comics, Hello Nurse was also a secret agent.


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