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We will not give up and despair, We are on a mission from God
~ Hellsing's motto.

The Hellsing Organization (ヘルシング機関, Herushingu Kikan), more formally known as the Royal Order of Protestant Knights (王立国教騎士団, Ōritsu Kokkyō Kishidan) is the titular main protagonist faction of the dark fantasy anime/manga series Hellsing. It is a military organization run by the Hellsing Family and was created for the sole purpose of protecting the United Kingdom and the British Royal Family from unholy beings, vampires, and other threats to England.



The Hellsing Organization is named after Abraham Van Hellsing and is lead by the Hellsing Family. The organization's current acting leader is Integra Hellsing. Hellsing itself is secrelty part of the power-structure of the United Kingdom and is lead by a secret aristocracy and is part of the British Monarchy and is out in charge of defending the United Kingdom from supernatural threats such as rogue vampires and other unholy beings. The organization has much contreversy surrounding it as a result of their methods however. In the TV Series, the Hellsing Organization appears to be a counter-terrorist task force judgiing by the gear and resources that Hellsing Soldiers are seen using.

Military Personal

The Hellsing Organization is a counter-terrorist military organization and has access to necessary military equipment. Hellsing Soldiers are armed with standard issue military gear including body armor and have access to various firearms including MP5s and M4 Carbines. In the OVA, the soldiers are rarely seen only acting as security guards for the Hellsing Manor and suffer heavy losses during the Valentine Brothers' attack on the mansion. In response, Hellsing hires a mercenary organization called the Wild Geese to boost up membership and make up for the lost manpower.


The Hellsing Organization is given financial aid by the Convention fo the Twelve and is given the needed resources for their soldiers. Hellsing has access to Humvees, VAB Armoured Personal Carriers, Body Armor and Military Gear. Hellsing Soldiers have the equipment of a military force and is seen usign MP5 Submachine Guns along with L85 Assault Rifles (briefly) and M4A1 Carbines in the OVA. Wild Geese Members once conscripted, are seen using a diverse set of guns including AK-47s, Automatic Grenade Launchers and other weapons.

Notable Members