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Heloise is a super-intelligent and ultimately destructive 14-year-old (10-year-old in other countries; turns to 15 or 11 in season 2) girl in the cartoon, Jimmy Two Shoes. Her mad scientist's mind and penchant for chaos are hidden behind a weak facade of a diminutive sweetness that almost everyone can see past. She is one of only two human characters and works for Lucius by creating weapons of mass destruction. In series, she is one of if not the most feared person in all Miseryville. While to most people she is violent or indifferent she is kind and helpful to her crush, Jimmy Two Shoes.


Heloise has brown hair pulled into a ponytail and dark teal eyes. She has a long stitched scar on her forehead of unknown origin that is usually partially covered by her hair. She usually wears a red dress that terminates in a curved point. She does not appear to possess legs, they are always hidden. Although in Something About Herman, when she was dressed like her cousin, she is wearing pants and shoes, which shows that she does have feet.


Heloise shows that she is intelligent, confident, and a bit selfish. She has been known to enjoy her position as the Head of R&D (research and development) at Misery Inc. where she makes products to cause misery.

Even though Heloise seems like she's brutal, crafty, and a bit of prank-master, Heloise has shown to have a good side to her as she can be a very loyal, considerate, kind, romantic, and a good friend. She's very sensitive when someone teases or makes fun of her and will often react with rage especially when people call her a little girl. She also appears to be quite physically strong, despite her size, and relatively fearless.

In the second season, Heloise seems more happy, cheerful, and bubbly, yet she still retains her sadistic ways. She smiles more in the second season while in the first season she was sarcastic. Her Aunt Pomegranate gave her the girly nickname in Whats Up with Heloise? Poppy is what her aunt called her.




  • She shares personal traits with Mandy and Gaz.

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