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Helryx was the first Toa created and the firs Toa of Water and is one of the protagonists in BIONICLE. She was also a leader of the Order of Mata Nui and was a former leader of the Hand of Artakha before its disbandment.


Helryx was the first Toa who was created by the Great Beings. She aided in the construction of Metru Nui and was the member of the Hand of Artakha, an organization which was named after Artakha, a benevolent being. However when the Hand was disbanded, she doesn't follow the Toa Code because she was created before it even existed. It's also why she made the Order. She ordered the deaths of all who knew the location of Artakha, including several members of the Order, and would have killed Teridax and the Matoran Universe off if she had to.


Helryx is indescribably ancient and disturbingly frail in appearance. Her mask and armor are pitted and scarred from a thousand battles. Her armor and mask design does not resemble anything most Toa have seen before. As with most other Ga-Toa, Helryx's armor is blue in color. She wields a mace and a shield. Helryx's mask is elongated, and her mace and shield are black.


Despite being a Toa of Water, Helryx is extremely fierce and somewhat quick to anger and impatient. She has always striven to achieve her vision of the greater good, even if the choices she makes to reach that goal have ranged from questionable to commendable to downright immoral. Helryx was created before the invention of the Toa Code, which are the moral rules Toa live by and which stipulates that her kind shall not kill, so she did not abide by it. However, even after its implementation, as her role in the Matoran Universe demands it of her, she exempted herself from the code, allowing herself to kill the enemies of the Great Spirit and anyone else who upset the peace.

Powers & Abilities

The very first Toa created, Helryx is a skilled and unyielding warrior. Her ages of experience leading the Order has made her incredibly fierce, temperamental, and willing to sacrifice anything for her vision of the greater good. Likewise, she was skilled with a shield.

Helryx' Kanohi, the Mask of Psychometry, allow her to see the history of any object she touches. Helryx also has a formidable control of the element of water, having honed her skill for thousands upon thousands of years. As with other Toa of Water, Helryx can control, create or absorb water. She demonstrated her adept elemental powers when she summoned a large tidal wave and kept it suspended directly in front of a fleet of Dark Hunter ships. Helryx's mind is shielded from outside mental presences, as is mandatory in the training of all Order of Mata Nui members.


Helryx' canon visual appearance was drawn by TTV Message Boards member Mister-N and won TTV's Canon Contest #1: The First. The art is based on a model designed by TheUnderscoredDouble for a preceding portion of the contest. Both were canonized by the approval of Greg Farshtey, the last member of the BIONICLE Generation 1 story team who still an employee of LEGO.

The model designed by TheUnderscoredDouble for the TTV's Canon Contest #1: The First and became the official basis for the appearance of Toa Helryx.

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