Henry Green (real name: Jayadeep Mir) is a supporting protagonist in the 2015 video game Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. He is an Indian-born member of the British Brotherhood of Assassins, based in London, during the 1860s. He is an ally of the Frye twins, having trained under their father, and eventually becomes the husband of Evie Frye and the brother-in-law of Jacob Frye.

He was voiced by Jaz Deol.


A scholar, Green had developed an extensive knowledge about London's society and inner workings. He was also good at making connections and gaining the trust of peoples, his network throughout London became very useful when he helped the Frye twins in their quest to bring down the Templar control over London in 1868.

While both sincere and hard-working, Green had a human side to him that many other Assassins lacked. Despite his exile, Green never lost hope of returning to India someday, after having proved to be a capable field agent.

Equipment and Skills

Although he was raised as an Assassin since birth and displayed incredible and almost supernatural skill as an Assassin, Henry was more inclined towards books than he was to violence and proven to be a mediocre fighter as he was not permitted a Hidden Blade until his mother gave him a confiscated blade. In 1868, he was captured by a group of thugs working for the Templars and it was Evie Frye who had to save him. In his battle with Starrick, Henry managed to hit the Grand Master in the shoulder with a throwing knife and cut him in the stomach using hidden blade.

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