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~ Henry's catchphrase

Henry Hart aka Kid Danger is the titular and main protagonist of Henry Danger. He goes under the superhero name of Kid Danger to help Captain Man/Ray Manchester fight crime. He's also best friends with Jasper Dunlop and Charlotte Page

Following The Fate of Danger: Part 2 the final of Henry Danger, Henry, Jasper, and cyborg enhanced Charlotte fight crime together in neighborville to fight crime along with his brand new superpower.

He is portrayed by Jace Norman.


It all began when Henry was searching for an after-school job. Not having any success, he finds an ad for a part time position at a store called Junk N' Stuff. Little did Henry know his life was about to turn around when the store's mysterious owner  showed him a back door with a secret passage to an underground location. The truth would all be revealed when after a brief interview with an employer named Ray, he revealed himself to Henry as the superhero Captain Man.

Following a subsequent superhero test of skills, Henry would learn Ray was looking for a sidekick, with the hope that someday he would become his successor, as he was now much older and past his prime. Henry would swear an oath, and officially become Captain Man's sidekick, Kid Danger. For awhile, Henry as Kid Danger was enjoying being Captain Man's sidekick, and the word quickly spread all over Swellview. However, undecided about whether he wanted to continue being a sidekick when his civilian life started to come back to him, duty calls when Captain Man was kidnapped by a villain named The Toddler. Realizing how important the job of being a sidekick is, Kid Danger saves Captain Man and defeats the Toddler, proving himself as he is what Captain Man had been searching for. For six years, Swellview now had two heroes. 

Over the years he help Captain Man fought various of criminals like the Time Jerker, Dr. Minyak, Rob Moss, and Mole People. A few time people have known his identity like the Game Shakers, Phoebe Thunderman, and the Knight Squad. One time he learned that Captain Man had a sidekick before him name Drex. Drex soon became Henry's rival and the lateral got his Hypermotility to defeat him. He lost this power from a Mastermind Ceo Founder of Twidflash name Rick Twitler. They meet Mole people who the gang try to make piece with but Ray made enemy with them instead. Drex later return and went back in time to prevent Ray from becoming indestructible. Drex also took his powers but the heroes manage to fix the past in time. Henry sent Drex 100 million years into the past. Later he learned that he couldn't graduate high school because he devoted his life as Kid Danger. He also reveals he didn't want to take over as Captain Man when Ray plans on retiring in 30-40 years from now. Henry quits his job after a huge argument with Ray but came back after he revealed his secret identity to his parents. After defeating Drex on the blimp it was heading to Swellview Baby Hospital. Ray tells Henry to leave but Henry activates his parachute to save Ray because Swellview needs Captain Man. While Charlotte and Jasper prevents the Man Caves from exploding he tell them to get out which they both made it out in time. Henry steers the blimp towards Mount. Swellview so the blimp wouldn't sent a whole block on fire.

Following the events of Kid Danger's apparent sacrifice, he, sleep fighting Jasper, and cyborg enhanced Charlotte go to a new city to fight crime along with his brand new superpower. His sister Piper goes to college in Florida and Schwoz and Ray train the Danger Force to be superheroes.

Kid Danger Legacy

Though Henry didn't die Vice Mayor Willard had two statues of him at his funeral. Willard was going to have one of Captain Man but he changed his mind. Mika, Miles, Bose, and Chapa received powers form the Omega Weapon explosion and decided to call themselves Danger Force in remembrance of Kid Danger.

Description & Personality

Henry has blond hair and brown eyes. He often wears plaid shirts and jeans in his appearances, but also wears regular long sleeve shirts and hooded shirts. He often wears Vans.

As Kid Danger, he wears a red mask with silver lining on top, with his hair slicked to the left, a blue shirt with a silver vest with red and black lines and a hurricane symbol on it. He also wears red pants with a black utility belt and has the same hurricane symbol on the buckle, red gloves with red and black striped elbow hands with silver on the edges, and black boots with red stripes on the laces.

He's a nice kid with good friends. He works as Captain Man's sidekick, when he's not helping him save the city he's seen making sandwiches for Captain Man. Henry is very ambitious, charming, and sometimes can be naive and a little cocky. He does not like having secrets kept from him, and always sticks up for himself.He is very possessive of his job as Kid Danger. He is superficial, but has become less superficial over time. He is also a charmer with infectious enthusiasm when it comes to girls. He is outgoing, yet somewhat awkward. He is cheesy and goofy, but in a fun and infectious way. He is very expressive, and has a hard time hiding his true emotions. He is courageous, has a sharp-eye, has good instincts, and is a quick thinker. He likes to look neat, and he is aware that he is attractive, but is not arrogant about it. He wants to explore and go outside the box. Even though Henry has many flaws, he cares about his friends and family, and has saved many people's' lives.

Powers & Abilities

  • Force-Field Barrier: After the Omega Weapon exploded in the final The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Henry (along with Bose, Chapa, Miles, and Mika) revived a superpower. Henry can surround himself with a force-field barrier and repulse anything using this power. It is activated when he glows green. This is Henry's third and final superpower of the series.
  • Hyper Motility (formerly): In Hour of Power, Henry second super power, which is titled as "Hyper Motility" in the next episode, Dodging Danger. He receives this power after breathing the poisonous fumes of a South African Bush Lizard and a Black Shag Spider. He can react and maneuver at great enhance speeds dodging any attacks and pull Schwoz's pants down without anyone noticing. It was mistakenly thought to be a disease by the Swellview public, but Henry was able to tell them it was a misunderstanding. He lost his power in order to save the whole world from Rick Twitlers Virus in Part 3: A New Hero.
    • Super Coordination: His hand-eye and foot-eye coordination have increased.
    • Speed Fighting: Henry is able to fight at incredible speed, due to his enhanced quickness and reaction time. He shown to launghc a series of speed punches.
  • Indestructibility (temporarily): Henry's first superpower he had for 2 days was indestructibility. Having received the power through the same process as Ray, he is invulnerable to all sorts of harm, including hits to the head and a cannon ball blast. (However, in Henry's case, it had a side effect). He lost this power after he went through the densitizer and Ray went through a molecular transducer to make Henry's side effect go away. 
    • Fire Breath: A side effect of his indestructibility is he can breathe fire while laughing. He lost this power after his indestructibility was gone.
  • Man Beast (temporarily): In Henry the Man-Beast, Henry was zap by The Manly Machine that makes people manly but he became a man-beast. Henry ends up becoming extremely strong, mean, and hairy. Schwoz was able to reverse the effects and turn Henry back to normal.
  • Tolerance in the Pain: Even before he was indestructible, had hyper-motility, and his force-field barrier. Henry can take hits from superhuman like Captain Man, Drex and evil Charlotte (who destroy the door of the elevator by punching it), survive a lot of shots by lasers shooting at him at once a few times, took a laser shot to the eye like nothing, still walk after survive an explosion of the store, survive hit to the head by the glass pipe,the glass pipe break to pieces after the hit, survive been sting by a lot of hornets without getting any injury, side effects and poison, and survive Mark's electric punch to the chest.
  • Mind Link: in Dream Busters, Henry was zapped by Minyak Dream Blaster and he was put in a very deep sleep. During the sleep, he would have extremely strange dreams. It was almost impossible for Henry to wake up. So Charlotte went inside of Henry Dream and they were sharing it. In I Dream of Danger, they both had dreams where one kissed the other.
  • Puerto Rican History: Because of the data transfer in Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems, Henry now knows all the history of Puerto Rico. Henry is possibly fluent in Spanish, as he knows everything about Puerto Rico, and seemed to know it in Caved In.
  • 4th Wall Awareness: Like the rest of the Main Characters from Henry Danger, Henry is shown to break the 4th wall a lot.
  • Piloting: Henry possess piloting skills, being able to fly the Man-copter, thanks to the events of "License to Fly".
  • Skill Thievery: In Henry the Man-Beast, Henry stole 100 bucks from Ray's wallet.
  • Gadget Usage: Before he had his superpowers, Henry possesses a vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets, created mostly by Schwoz, with incredible effect in and out of combat. However some of them need electricity and has limited bullet. Most of these gadgets grant him an ability he used over the series of Henry Danger.
    • Clothing Generation: With his Bubble Gum, Henry and Ray can transform from their civilian suits to their superhero suits. In Flabber Gas and Broken Arm and Dangerous the gum is shown to put on the Exo-Suits or a cast.
    • Hologram Interaction: Using his Whiz-Watch, Henry can interact with people who communicate with him from the Man-Cave to whatever location he is at.
    • Flight (briefly): With his Belt Jets Henry can fly and carry multiple people as seen in Trouble in Tropikini 
    • Night Vision (briefly): With the Night Vision Binoculars, Henry can use to see long distance in the dark. He used it when fighting the Wall Dogs.
    • Invisibility/Camouflage (briefly): with the Chameleon Ring; Henry with the other users (Ray, Schwoz, Jasper, and Charlotte) can blend in in an environment and be unseen by others.
    • Time Travel (briefly): With the Time Jerker Time Portal, Henry, Ray, Drex, and The Time Jerker can travel to any time they want by going through the portal.
  • Marksmanship/Enhanced Accuracy: Henry can shoot with his laser with a lot of precision to stun or kill people. He shot 32 hornets raptly without missing a shot, without need to aim, shot a bean size tracking device in mid air with one shot without need to aim, and always hit the target at a distance like a helicopter in sky high without looking. His Hyper Motility increase his already amazing Marksmanship.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant/Martial Arts: being trained by Captain Man and taking karate on Thursdays at 3:30 pm, Henry is an excellent fighter, as proven in the fight between Henry and the Wall Dogs in Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2 and others combats against other criminals in others episodes. However he usually fights with Captain Man and holds back when fighting girls in earlier episodes but overcame that. He is able to punch and kick people hard with or without his Hyper-motility.


  • Bubble Gum : A special gum that lets Henry change into his Kid Danger costume.
  • Whiz-Watch: A multi-functional watch that replaces his Wiz-Band
    • Hologram Communicator: A communications application that lets Captain Man call for him.
    • Laser: It can fire a laser that can cut things. It can also stun people or kill them.
    • Mini-Laser: ​​​​​A small gadget that can fire a laser. Its intensities vary between stun and kill. It is often attached to Captain Man and Kid Danger's wrists.
  • Utility Belt: In his Kid Danger costume, he can hold multiple items and gadgets in it like his phone. Also, tapping the buckle causes his tube to go down.
    • Handcuffs : He can arrest people, though he has only been seen cuffing Veronika|one suspect
    • Laser Remote: Henry, just like Ray, carries a remote with a laser in it. It a small device that can shoot laser to cut things, control everything in the Man Cave, has a pulling beam that can pull things if the laser touch, and one shot of it can blow up entire store.
    • Belt Jets: In Trouble in Tropikini Henry's belt had boosters allowing him to fly.
    • Bear Spray: ​​​​​​In Invisible Brad Ray used it against Brad. Its use to blind foes and use on bear cause is bear spray making the victim eyes will feel like it burns because is use on bear.
    • Know Out Spray: Both Henry and Ray have Knock out Spray. They can knock out foe after shooting spray on them. They uses it in Swellview got Talent on Piper and her partner.
    • Tracking Device:Henry belt had a tracking device in it while fighting the Wall Dogs.
  • Flabber Gas Can: Barge had a Flabber Gas can that make people  muscles flabby,  immobilizing them in the process. The only way to reverse the affects it you need to spray the victims with Flabber Gas the second time. Ray used it against Barge during their second fight when they were wearing the Exo-Suits and were being controlled by Charlotte and Jasper. It is unknown if they kept it after they defeated Barge.
  • Anti-Grav: A machine that attaches to heavy objects to make them weightless. It was used in Grave Danger to lift the casket of the presumed deceased Brad. It was also used in Captain Man: On Vacation.
  • Bear Proof Suit: ​​​​​​In Whistlin' Suisie, Schwoz made a Bear Proof Suit to fight bears in case they ever declare war on humans. Henry later wore this to deactivate it. It was later worn by Piper and Schwoz in Escape Room.
  • Bill Evil Inter-Dimensional Transporter: After Schwoz, Jasper, and Charlotte obtain in from Bill Evil, they used as their own. In Theranos Boot, Schwoz made a remote to open a portal after they enter one dimension/alternate reality and can come back to their dimension. In Remember the Crimes, they used it to view a dimension where they have bloopers.
  • Boom Detector Boots: When there a boom/doomsday device is nearby, the boots with glow. In Escape Room, Captain Man was wearing boom detector boots to detect Jack Frittle Man bomb and it tell if it is real and was in danger. When it is nearby, the boots begins to flash.
  • Buzz Darts: In Henry's Frittle Problem. Ray demonstrates another invention made by Schwoz: buzz darts, which get fired with a pair of glasses. Ray puts on the glasses, and shoots Jasper with a buzz dart. When Jasper gets shot, he begins to flail his body around uncontrollably.
  • Chameleon Ring: In I Dream of Danger, Schwoz invented a ring that makes people Invisible/Camouflage. Jasper was wearing a ring that made him invisible to steal Ray's "jorts", which were jean shorts. Later, Jasper asks Ray for the Chameleon Ring to pull a prank on Piper.
  • Ear Piece: Henry and Ray use to listen and speak to Charlotte.
  • Electro-Bat: ​It work like a normal bat and can hit stronger than a normal bat. In Gas or Fail Henry used it to test Ray Indestructibility.
  • Exploding Mints: In Henry's Frittle Problem, Schwoz invented mints that could explode. Ray accidently left these in the second Frittle Factory causing it to explode.
  • Exo-Suits: In Flabber Gassed, Schwoz made special suits/Battle Armor that gives people super strength to punch and kick harder. After Captain Man and Kid Danger were Flabber Gassed, he, later, synchronizes the motion capture suits from the video game to the special strength suits he made for them. He puts the strength suits on Kid Danger and Captain Man and the motion capture suits on Charlotte and Jasper. Charlotte could control Kid Danger's actions and Jasper could control Captain Man's actions.
  • Flower Recorder: In Mouth Candy, Henry used this to get Mitch to confess he framed Jasper.
  • Hot Dog Laser/Covert Wiener: Is a special weapon design to look like a hotdog. It shoots a laser from it that can stun a criminal. It was seen in Captain Jerk.
  • Whip-Cream Laser/Laser Spray: It was seen in The Beat Goes On, which Henry used to destroy the wireless camera that Minyak sent.
  • Laser Blocking Plate: In My Phony Valentine, Ray and Henry used this in training to block lasers
  • Laser Gun: Not to be confused with the aforementioned laser zapper, the laser gun was invented by Schwoz, that fires yellow laser beams. It was used by Captain Man to "kill" the alien that was attacking the Hart home. They have various of kinds. Drex used 2 in Back to the Danger Part 1 and 2 where he put one on a self to destroy the Time Portal and took another one to destroy the Densitizer. He possibly lost this when he was sent back to the dinosaur age. He later use the same small one to knock out Kid Danger and left it in the Man-Cave.
  • Man Grenades: Used to break apart very strong materials, they were used in Danger & Thunder when Captain Man was trapped inside a block of cement.
  • Mask Cameras: Placed parallel to the eyesight of the wearer, these cameras can scan faces of people to know if they are criminals or not. A file on the scanned person is sent to the Man Cave's computer for evaluation.
  • Memory Eraser/Wiper: The Memory Eraser is used to erase people's memory. It was used by Captain Man on Ortho and his dad in Substitute Teacher, when they plan to report kidnapping to the police and on Piper's customer in I Know Your Secret, when he was about to text people Kid Danger's secret identity. A side effect is that people wouldn’t know how to speak/understand others and they won’t have any memories of their lives. It has a different effect on Ray since he is indestructible and still speak/understand others but forgot who he is. In the Beginning of the End, Schwoz revealed that it can erase a specific memory like erase just the memories of Captain Man or Kid Danger. In Captain Drex, Drex tricked Schwoz to modify it to erase and entire city memory of Captain Man but it would only work if it were attached to aircraft object, like a plane or a helicopter and Schwoz needed to calibrated it and put in the access code. It was destroyed after Henry kicked it off the blimp.
  • Mini-Binoculars: ​​​​​Henry and Ray can see things far away.
  • Night Vision Binoculars: Henry can use to see long distance in the dark.
  • Special Laser Gun: In The Time Jerker, Schwoz invented a gun that can trick foes and shoot laser backward through the telescope.
  • Time Loop Trap/Device: In The Tale of Two Pipers, Schwoz created a device from the remains of the Time Machine that trapped the robot boy reliving the same 3 seconds over and over again. It made the Robot look like he was dancing.
  • Tooth Cameras: Used in Danger & Thunder when Kid Danger, Captain Man, and Phoebe Thunderman were under cover in the secret underwater lair. In order for the camera to see the wearer must be smiling.
  • Tranquilizer Dart Shooting Glove:​​​ A Glove that shoots Tranquilizer Darts that carry enough hippo grade Tranquilizer to knock a person out cold.
  • Tyson Drill: ​​​​​In Gas or Fail, Schwoz used a machine that hold three drills at once to break stones easily to get to Henry. Henry later used it to save Ray.
  • Voice Changer: In Stuck in Two Holes, Schwoz put on a device on his head and used it as a voice device, which allows him to speak with Henry's voice. He tells Jake that he spent the night at Jasper's house. Henry also used it In Captain Jerk to make his voice sound different because Jasper and Piper were coming to the Man Cave.

Former Equipment

  • Basketball Enhancing Sleeve & Goggles: A sleeve and pair of goggles used to enhance a persons skills in Basketball. This was used by Henry in Too Much Game.
  • Whiz-Band: An electronic arm band that beeps and flashes when Captain Man need Henry's assistance. It self-destructed when it was replaced by the Wiz-Watch.
  • Heavy Metal 6: In The Time Jerker, The Time Jekrer threw a Heavy metal 6 at Henry who threw it at him when he traveled back in time.
  • Time Portal: The Time Machine is a time-traveling device formerly owned by the Time Jerker and now located in the Man Cave. It can transport any living being or inanimate object through the portal of time and through different time periods.​​​​ It was destroyed in Back to the Danger Part 1 when Drex used it to go back to erase Ray from existence.
  • Time Ray/Time Gun: It was invented by the Time Jerker after he escape jail. In The Beginning of The End, After they caught and defeated the Time Jerker, they took stole his Time Ray, which could zap things through time. Henry demonstrated it when he zapped Ray's turkey leg sending it a few seconds into the future which landed on Jasper, who threw it into Schwoz's mouth, leading both of them to fight over it, and then Ray used it on Schwoz, sending him a few minutes into the future, but then Schwoz showed up biting his arm. In Captain Drex, Drex used this to send Ray 101 million years ago and destroyed it so Henry would never get Ray back.
  • Omega Weapon: Henry used this to drain Drex of his Indestructibility. After it exploded he gained a new superpower.

Relationships With Other Characters

Ray Manchester

Henry is Captain Man's sidekick. As far as Henry is concerned, this is a dream job. They are close friends, they care about each others. In "The secret beef" Ray says to Henry which he is like a nephew or a little brother for Ray. Henry can be a bit annoyed with Ray immaturity and stupidity. Following the final Ray finally allowed Henry to leave Swellview realizing he need to stop holding his friend back. They promised t visit each other during the holidays.

Charlotte Page

Charlotte is one of Henry's best friends. They've been great friends for many years. They care about each other and they work for Captain Man together since she found out Henry was Kid Danger after becoming suspicious of his many mysterious absences. During the series fans have guessed they developed feelings for each other since they both know each other more than Jasper does. The two of them along with Jasper fight crime together in the final with Charlotte also is cyborg enhancements (As one of her right arm acts like a screen to tell them the current acts of crime and her eyes change color).

Jasper Dunlop

Jasper is one of Henry's best friends. They've been great friends for many years and he tries to help Jasper out. Henry reveals to Henry that he is Kid Danger. Jasper gets a job at Junk'n stuff where they work together. The two of them along with Charlotte fight crime together in the final. Henry was impress that Jasper actually learned of fight in his sleep and speak spanish as he fought 3 of Drex's Cavemen while Jasper had trouble fighting them when he was awake at first.

Schwoz Schwartz

Schwoz is one of Henry's good friends. Having instantly taken a liking to him since Too Much Game and even finding him funny. Schwoz respects Henry more than he does with Ray. He also invented various inventions to help Captain Man and Kid Danger, though at times he can be weird and funny, which makes Henry and Ray furious.

Piper Hart

Piper is Henry's little sister. They are not the closest siblings by any means, but they get by. Piper loves Kid Danger but she doesn't know that he is his older brother. In Tears of the Jolly Beetle, Piper revealed that she thinks Kid Danger (Henry) is hot, meaning that she unknowingly has a crush on her own brother. In JAM Session, Henry comforted Piper about her anger issues and suggested that she go to JAM class. Since Seasons 4-5, they rarely argue nowadays because they improved their sibling relationship. Henry has also told Piper that he loves her multiple times in the later seasons but it is usually in an ironic way. Henry is rather protective of Piper's safety and has had to save her from dangerous situations several times as seen in Balloons of DoomThe Rock Box DumpDanger Things, and many others, although Piper is unaware that it is her brother repeatedly saving her. Sometimes she helps Henry and Ray in few missions. In Sister Twister, Piper discovers that Henry is Kid Danger and Henry stops Ray from erasing Piper's memory. After finding out that Henry is Kid Danger Piper became part of the Team.

Danger Force Members

Henry got along fine with each member from the start. Unlike Ray he got on Chapa good side in Game of Phones, got along with Miles and Mika in Escape Room, and Is nice to Bose in The Beginning of the End. He recruited Mika and Miles to help him find Ray and he even let them help with the Omega Weapon. After the Omega Weapon exploded all five of them got Superpowers: Henry got Force-Field Barrier (Green), Chapa got Electokinesis (Red), Bose got Telekinesis (Blue), Miles got Teleportation (Yellow), and Mika got Sonic Scream (White). It unknown if they know that he is Kid Danger. Henry will possibly make a special appearance  in the Spin-off Danger Force.



  • His character was originally named '''David Cooper''', according to a ''Henry Danger'' audition tape.
  • On his night to cook for the family, he makes chili balls.
  • He was temporarily indestructible.
    • However, he eventually gains a new, different superpower in Hour of Power.
  • He watches ''The Good Wife''.
  • His favorite color is red.
  • He can touch his elbows behind his back.
  • Ray, Charlotte, Jasper, Schwoz, Drex, Gooch, Bork, Laylonie, Winnie, Invisible Brad, Gwen, Schwoz's cousin, the Game Shakers, and Boris are the only people who know that Henry is Kid Danger.
  • It is revealed in The Rock Box Dump that he hates bees, which is possibly related to the time he was attacked by a swarm of bees in The Time Jerker.
  • He loves the game “Sky Whale” (from Game Shakers).
  • Being a teenager now, Henry's alter ego may be retitled "Teen Danger" due to his age in Season 3.


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