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Henry Tomasino is the tritagonist of the 2010 game Mafia II.


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It seems that Henry didn't like to talk about his personal life. Judging by the reports made by Frankie Potts (FBI Informant) he maintained good connections with high ranking members of the city's mafia. Not much is really known about Henry as he did not like to talk about himself and his life. He was very reserved and had few friends, but not to the point of being asocial; keeping a pleasant, affable demeanor when with others. Henry was very knowledgeable about the various criminal organizations in Empire Bay. Henry was very different from most of the other mobsters, being very level-headed, proper, and refined. He wasn't crude and didn't have the vices many of the others have. He was very much an "old-school" or "man of honor" type mafioso with strong morals and values. However, Henry was no evangelist, as he seemed to be a frequent visitor of strip clubs (the Cathouse to be exact) in Empire Bay. He is in his mid-thirties in his first appearance. Henry was also a role model for Vito and Joe, and also a mentor of sorts, who helps them ascend the criminal ladder. The only time Henry smiles is when he, Vito Scaletta, and Joe Barbaro are selling drugs and singing in their car.

Mission Appearances

Mafia II

  • Enemy of the State.
  • Murphy's Law.
  • The Buzzsaw.
  • Room Service.
  • A Friend of Ours.
  • Sea Gift.
  • Exit the Dragon (Killed).