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What the hell...?
~ Henry's catchphrase
Five days ago... That's when I first had the nightmare. I haven't been able to get out of my room since then.
~ Henry Townshend.

Henry Townshend is the main protagonist of the 2004 videogame, Silent Hill 4: The Room. He is a victim of being locked up in his own apartment, Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights. Later, it turns out he is destined to become one of Walter Sullivan's sacrifices, the "Receiver of Wisdom", the 21st and final victim to be killed if the 21 Sacraments is not stopped.

He was voiced by Eric Bossick.


Not much is known about Henry's past life except he is in his late 20s (presumably 28), an adept photographer proven by the pictures in his room and moved to Room 302, 2 years prior to the events of the game and also 6 months after the mysterious disappearence of the previous occupant. According to his biography, Henry stands 6'1" (185 cm) tall and weights 180 lbs (80 kg). He's not much of a social type and is usually only known by his name and face by his neighbors.

Henry shows remarkable altruism throughout the game: he is constantly trying to help the people he meets, regardless of his own situation. A good example for that is, he tries to keep Eileen safe from the dangers of Walter's Worlds which clould cost his life.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Henry has been living in Room 302 of South Ashfield Heights for the past 2 years, without having much contact with his neighbors, as his next door neighbor Eileen Galvin only knows him by name and face while others like Richard Braintree know nothing about him at all. He was living his life like a hermit until five days ago when he started to have a strange nightmare for five consecutive days.

Henry has been trapped in his room for five days with absolutely no contact with the outside world. His front door was locked and chained from inside, his windows were sealed shut and he couldn't get anybody to hear him when he cries for help. That is until a weird hole suddenly appears in his bathroom. Wondering if he can get out that way, he enters the hole and finds himself on the escalator of the subway station near his house, which looks like it's deteriorating. In this world, Henry meets Cynthia Velasquez, a woman who believes she is dreaming. Cynthia flirts with Henry and promises him a "special favor" if he helps her find a way out of the subway station. He never accepts or declines her offer, but decides to help her anyway. The two travel together until Cynthia becomes separated from Henry. This happens twice, and when reuniting with her for the second time, he finds her alone and bleeding in a room. As she dies, she asks Henry if everything that has happened is just a dream, which he assures her it is. After she dies in his arms, he leaves and finds himself waking up in his apartment to the sounds of an ambulance outside. Upon examining it, there is indeed an ambulance at the entrance at the subway, which is most likely retrieving Cynthia's body.

The next time Henry ventures into the hole, he awakes in a forest, which is located near Silent Hill. He meets a troubled man, Jasper Gein, who speaks of a ritual and of "the Devil". Henry later finds a little boy, who he attempts to talk to, but runs away when Jasper begins frantically predicting that "something's gonna happen" right after mentioning the "Third Revelation". Henry eventually comes across the Wish House Orphanage, where he sees Jasper yet again. Jasper tells Henry that the door is locked, and if Henry can get him something to drink, he will award him with something. After giving him chocolate milk, Jasper offers Henry a blood-inscribed spade, which helps him find the key to the orphanage. Once inside, he reads a passage out of a religious book, but is interrupted by the screaming of Jasper. He goes to check on him to see the man on fire, scrawling numbers into his chest, and screaming that he met "the Devil". Henry merely watches as he eventually burns to death and wakes up in his apartment once more.

The next place Henry wakes up in is a cylinder-shaped water prison. He finds a man locked in a cell, who pleads to Henry to get him out. After venturing the prison for a while and learning how to move the cell rooms around using a valve, he is able to free the man from his. When he travels back to the room where the man is, Henry sees him muttering to a little boy - the same one from the forest - in fear. The boy eventually leaves, and Henry is able to learn that the man's name is Andrew DeSalvo and that he worked at the prison. He also learns the name of the little boy, which is Walter Sullivan. Andrew goes on about how Walter was obsessed with the Descent of the Holy Mother ritual and strays away from Henry while mumbling to himself. When Henry enters the torture chamber in the lower levels of the prison, he finds Andrew, long dead and having been drowned.

Again, Henry finds himself waking up in a strange place. This time, it is a building that is located near Henry's apartment. He hears the sound of someone screaming, who happens to be a man named Richard Braintree. He appears to have fallen from the sky, or perhaps some sort of ledge from above. Alarmed at Henry's presence, he points his revolver at him, but then puts it back down, realizing that Henry is "a real person". The two go on to talk about their similarity in experiences dealing with "these freaky worlds" and then begin a conversation about Joseph Schreiber, the man who lived in Henry's apartment before him. Richard leaves with Henry telling him to watch out for the boy (Walter Sullivan), but Richard seems not to take the statement to heart. While riding an elevator down, Henry sees Richard again, this time with the little boy. Frightened of Richard, the boy runs, but Richard follows. By the time Henry catches up to them, Richard is strapped down in an electric chair and is slowly dying. Henry tries to help, but is electrocuted in the process. Richard tries to tell Henry that the child is not who he appears to be, but dies shortly after.

In the apartment world, Henry questions whether Eileen Galvin or Walter Sullivan is the next victim (having not known what Walter looked like as an adult yet). When Henry enters Eileen's room, he watches her as she seemingly dies, and he falls to the floor in grief. Henry is able to create a new hole and while exploring St. Jerome's Hospital, Henry sees photographs and x-rays of Eileen and wonders if Eileen is still alive. Henry soon finds her, and they reunite to find the "ultimate truth". It is around this time Henry finds out only he (not Eileen, who he attempts to take with him) can use the holes that transport him back to his apartment. Using a key given to him, he unlocks a spiraling staircase that he uses to re-visit the first four of Walter's Otherworlds. All the doors that were previously locked (marked with Halos of the Sun) can now be opened in the worlds.

At the end of the staircase, Henry and Eileen find a diary in front of Room 302 of the past, where he meets the ghost of Joseph Schreiber and obtains the Pickaxe of Hope. Joseph explains what he's learned about Walter Sullivan to Henry, completing Henry's role as the "Receiver of Wisdom". Going back into the current Room 302, Henry uses the Pickaxe to discover a secret room in between his bedroom and bathroom. Here, he discovers the corpse of Walter Sullivan nailed to a cross and finds the Keys of Liberation in the corpse's coat pocket. Using this, Henry escapes Room 302 to find he is in the apartment world again, where he reunites with Eileen. They then retrieve Walter's umbilical cord from the Superintendent's room. Afterwards, Henry returns to the room with Walter's corpse to find that it has disappeared. Jumping down the hole below the cross, Henry finds himself in a final confrontation with Walter and his "true form".


The player's actions in game and Eileen's fate in the final fight will change the ending where Henry will either survive or die. The endings are:


If Henry has cleared his room of hauntings and killed Walter before Eileen could walk into the death machine during the final fight, Eileen will fall onto her knees and Henry will rush to her. After this, Henry is seen leaving the South Ashfield Heights. Next day, Henry pays a visit to Eileen at the hospital where he brings her flowers and she tells him that she has to find a new place to live now. It can be assumed that they moved away from the South Ashfield Heights in the epilogue.


This ending is similar to the Escape ending except when Henry visit's Eileen at the hospital, she tell him that she can return to the South Ashfield Heights. Also in the end, Room 302 is shown as possessed which would mean that Henry is still in danger. This ending can be acquired by not clearing Room 302 of hauntings and by saving Eileen at the final fight.

Eileen's Death

If Henry has cleared his room from hauntings but couldn't prevent Eileen from walking into the death machine to meet her demise, he will awaken in his room instead. He enters his living room to hear a radio reporter announcing the death of Eileen, as well as several other individuals. Although safe, Henry collapses to the floor, realizing that he was not able to protect Eileen.

21 Sacraments

If Henry hasn't cleared his room from hauntings and couldn't prevent Eileen from walking into the death machine, like Eileen, Henry will also die at the end by getting possessed by Walter's soul. Little Walter is finally able to enter Room 302, stating he will not let anyone separate him and his mother again. Meanwhile, adult Walter is seen standing in the room while the radio announces the deaths of both Henry and Eileen. In Eileen's case, she died at the hospital while a corpse believed to be Henry's was found in Room 302, mutilated beyond recognition.

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