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Hera: Flying is... It's about a feeling.
Omega: What do you mean?
Hera: When I close my eyes and picture myself up there, I feel it. The instruments help guide you, but you plot your course. You're free.
~ Hera explains what flying means for her.
If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing!
~ Hera
Cham: This is what's wrong with you, child. You hold on to the wrong things, devote your time and effort to lost causes. What a waste.
Hera: I am not wasting my life. I help people. I lead ships into battle. I am part of something bigger.
Cham: The Rebellion. I thought you knew better than to put your faith in outsiders. You forget what happened when we trusted the Republic.
Hera: This is different. The rebels are fighting to free everyone.
Cham: Free everyone? I don't care about everyone. I care only about Ryloth.
Hera: So I've noticed.
~ Hera and her father Cham having a dispute over what really matters.

Hera Syndulla, also known by her callsign Spectre 2, is one of the two deuteragonists in the 2014-2018 animated television series Star Wars Rebels and one of the main protagonists of its 2014 prequel book, A New Dawn and a character in the 2021 Disney+ television series Star Wars: The Bad Batch. She is the pilot of the ship Ghost and is also the owner of the ship, having acquired through it unknown but possibly shady resources (there is some implication that she may have stolen it). Nevertheless, Hera serves as the conscience of the group and the thing that keeps everyone working together when they otherwise wouldn't, making her the mother figure of the Ghost Crew. She is also the daughter of freedom fighter Cham Syndulla.

According to the show's producers she is "strong minded" but also simultaneously nurturing and caring towards the others, having the ability to talk to all of them and get them to embrace their better natures.

Hera is is voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who also voiced Black Widow in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Black Canary in Young Justice, Black Canary of Injustice 2 and also in Lego DC Villains, Irwin in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Olga Gurlukovich in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Samus Aran in Metroid Prime series, Danica LeBlake in What's New, Scooby-Doo?, Eva in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Strangelove in Metal Gear Solid series and Mouse in Fish Hooks.


Hera is the daughter of the Clone War hero and revolutionist, General Cham Syndulla. When she was young, her mother was killed during the earlier days of the Galactic Empire, and she did have a younger brother who died when he was very young. She grew up in the Ten Provinces at Ryloth, where she had a strained relationship with her father when he fought for their homeworld. During her childhood, Hera grew up on tales of how the purrgil, large space-dwelling creatures, had inspired people to develop the hyperdrive. As she grew older however, Syndulla came to regard the purrgil as a menace because they endangered hyperspace travel by crashing into ships. While working as a pilot, she lost more than one friend to collisions with purrgil. As a girl, Hera found an old C1 droid, C1-10P, from the wreck of a Y-wing during the final days of the Clone Wars.

Following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Hera decide to leave Ryloth to fight for others, acquiring the Ghost, a modified VCX-100 light freighter.  She met Kanan Jarrus on a mission to Gorse, where she learned he was once a Jedi Padawan after exposing his use of the Force to her. 

Personality and Traits

Hera's personality was somewhat two-sided; while she exuded a no-nonsense style of command, she was also known for being a very warm and compassionate individual. As a highly capable pilot and captain, Hera took good care of her ship, as well as her crew. Upon meeting Ezra, Hera developed a sort of motherly bond with the boy as she had with the other crewmembers. She was a true believer in the rebel cause and inspired hope in the rest of the crew. She was also the only other crew member aware of Kanan's test after Ezra stole the latter's holocron. Hera was in love with Kanan and usually confided in him. She was more than capable of putting her foot down when she saw conflict within the crew, such as sending Ezra and Zeb out on an errand together when the two had been fighting. While an adept fighter Hera was also very diplomatic and knew how to unite her crew to reach a common goal.

A smart, tactful and highly observant individual, Hera could quickly detect a threat. As Lando successfully played her crew members off one another to his own ends, Hera caught on to his trickery and put the con-man in his place. Her skills of deduction proved invaluable when her suspicions of Trayvis allowed her to expose the man as an Imperial agent. She also remembered when the Jedi and clones fought in the Clone Wars, at one point being saved from death by them, and encouraged Kanan to trust Rex and put aside his past animosity towards clones. Hera is also highly perceptive, often sensing things that even Kanan's perceptions couldn't.

As with other Twi'lek females, many considered her attractive, particularly Kanan but also less savory characters as well, including Okadiah Garson, Azmorigan, Lando, and even Kallus. She knew how to use her natural charm and beauty to her advantage when necessary, as seen when she manipulated the gangster Azmorigan in order to escape his ship.

She was a beautiful Twi'lek woman who stood 1.76 meters, had apple green skin, emerald green eyes and red lips. Hera's eyes would sometimes look blue-green in the light.

Her Lekku had a pattern that was a lighter shade of green and hung from her headgear. Hera wore a pair of goggles, but she only wore them whenever she was out in the open air or for protection when it best suited her.

Instead of having a Ryloth accent, Hera instead had a human accent and would only ship into her accent whenever she was stressed out with her father or angered. Most of the time, Hera wore a white, orange and brown flight suit and boots. She went through with a minor redesign in season 3, where she was given a patch to signify her role as the Phoenix Leader in the Phoenix Squadron.

Weapons and Gear

Hera mainly used a Blurrg-1120 holdout blaster when fighting the Empire, which she kept in a holster strapped to her right boot.

She mainly wore a tight orange jumpsuit and a pair of flight goggles on the top of her head as she was the Rebels' pilot.


  • Hera was the daughter of Cham Syndulla, who was first introduced in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • By the time of the series, Hera was 24 years old.
  • In season 3, Hera underwent a minor redesign. Her undersuit is now two shades of tan and has more detailed texturing.
  • As of "Wings of the Master", Hera serves as Phoenix Leader.
  • Hera's natural Twi'lek accent comes out when she gets flustered, as shown in "Homecoming".
  • When Hera is particularly angry, she'll act like a mother and use a character's full name.
  • She was referenced in the Rogue One film, in a scene at Yavin 4 where a General Syndulla is called for over the speaker system, which Dave Filoni has clarified was meant to be Hera(not her father, Cham). He also stated that Hera, by this point, has become a General in the Rebel Alliance.
  • It is revealed in the epilogue of Star Wars Rebels, she had a son with Kanan named Jacen, who was called Spectre 7 and named in honor of Jacen Solo from Star Wars Legends


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