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~ Herald to Punk Rocket

Herald is one of the many honorary titans from the show Teen Titans and comics. His power is to create portals with his horn, as well as skilled hand to hand combat.

He was voiced by Khary Payton.

Teen Titans

Herald is first seen in the episode "Calling All Titans", in which he saves Raven from jellyfish creatures in his dimension. Raven then gives him a communicator to call for help. He is later attacked by See-More and Warp, both of which he defeats. Herald then appeared in the episode "Titans Together", in which he, Jericho, Pantha and Mas teamed up with Beast Boy to infiltrate the Brotherhood of Evil's base and defeat them. He used his horn to send the bomb that the Brain left to destroy the base into space. After all the villains were defeated, Herald is seen again at the end of the episode helping the other titans recapture Dr. Light.



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