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This is America, and in America, you're never finished as long as you have a brain in your head, because all a man needs is an idea.
~ Herbert Powell

Herbert "Herb" Powell is a minor character from TV series The Simpsons. He is Homer Simpson 's older half-brother. He was first mentioned by Abraham Simpson when Homer comes to Abe's side after Abe suffers a heart attack. Herbert is also the half-uncle of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. He also appeared in The Simpsond: Tapped Out.

He is voiced by Danny DeVito who also played Philoctetes from Hercules, Dorgle, The Lorax and Max Medici.


Herbert Looks in many ways similar to homer, since he is his half brother. Herbert is slightly taller than homer, has hair and is slimmer. In the episode Oh Brother, where art thou?, he wore mainly a blue suit and gray tie, Which he is then ironically given again in Brother, Can You Spare 2 Dimes by Ned Flanders.


In Oh Brother, where art thou, Herb is a rich business man and car designer who took everything really serious. He treated Homers family as his own and spoiled them with his riches. He was humbled by a Homer after making him bankrupt with his car idea “The Homer,” the car made for the average man. Which is why he was seen homeless in Brother, Can You Spare 2 Dimes. Between the two episodes he’s appeared in, his attitude and relationship with Homer changed a lot after bankrupting him, but after getting rich again he forgave Homer and got him the chair he wanted earlier in the episode.

Herb is almost the complete opposite of Homer. He’s intelligent, successful, but is also really lonely, which makes him full of joy after finally meeting his half brother Homer.




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