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HerculesKabuterimon is Mega form digimon. He is digivolve of Tentomon. He appear in Digimon Adventure tri..

In the English version, he is voiced by Jeff Nimoy.

In the Japanese version, he is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.


He has a gigantic horn and scissors, and his body shines gold.

Digimon Adventure tri.


Tentomon wrap digivolves to HerculesKabuterimon. Though knocked into the Real World, HerculesKabuterimon pleads with the partners to remember themselves at the final moments. The others fight off the infection just long enough to force them all back into the distortion as the reboot occurs.


MegaKabuterimon digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon to help Phoenixmon and Seraphimon to fight Machinedramon.


MegaKabuterimon digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon, he and Digimon Partners fight Alphamon and Jesmon but six of the Digimon return to their In-Training forms as a result of Alphamon's attack, leaving only Omnimon, Raguelmon, Alphamon, and Jesmon.


MegaKabuterimon digivolve to HerculesKabuterimon with MetalGarurumon, Phoenixmon, Rosemon, Vikemon to stop Ordinemon in Real World.

When Meiko's Digivice glows to white along with Tai & Matt's, HerculesKabuterimon and Digimon Partners combine together to Omnimon Merciful Mode to kill Ordinemon, which results in Meicoomon's death.


  • "Is this it?"
  • "Is it really time for me to say goodbye?"
  • "Everyone is going to be so very sad!"
  • "Open your eyes!"
  • "Thank you!"


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