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Hercules is the Character of the Glory of Hercules.


Massive man claiming to be the hero Hercules. Body of immortality. Favorite phrase LOL called "Wahahaha is!". We are trapped in the prison by the food and drink without money in Sparta. Protagonist (Glory of Hercules) it can I improve the jailbreak when came to the meeting. By in the collapsed Taposu Leucos told the Protagonist also a Hercules, which is to join the journey for someone to tell genuine Hercules or God. Laughter of unceasing personality in the party mood maker. I remember that at the end of the story lived in the Caucasus mountains, but regain the memory by was reunited with genuine Hercules is a real brother in Neapolis. Identity is the real name in the real brother of Hercules Ipikures. But it has died when the magic of the monster hit home when I was living in the Caucasus mountains in the past, it has disappeared to become the ether because you've remembered to that. After that genuine Hercules is the brother of the real is applied to the party (looks the same aligned brother).

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